Hi there! Welcome to Lamyerda! Lamyerda is a Filipino slang meaning to travel around, wander or explore new places. Lamyerda is a rapidly growing travel blog since 2012 by Riz Baldivia. She started traveling slow since 2006 with a travel mission across the world without quitting her job! How she will do it? Join her journey as she explores each and every wonderful city, unravel history to reach Her dream. Work. Family. Eat. Love. Travel. Repeat.

Quit your job and travel the world – ah yes, She is one of those people who daydream about escaping to a tropical paradise with no boss, no commitments, no obligations, no deadlines and just simply enjoys the freedom of not having a typical soul-sucking day job. Full-time travel must be self-fulfilling for sure to which only who are enjoying the nomadic lifestyle can truly understand. She admires people who have the courage to sell their stuff, quit their jobs and travel the world.

The idea of quitting a job and globetrotting full time sounds like fun but it’s not for everyone, at least not for her. She craves for some adventures once in a while with a 9-5 job and in that case, She travel according to her income. Travel changed her life and it is her kind of reward for her hard earned work. As a third world passport holder, She finds it hard to ditch her job, pack her bags and travel the world but this does not stop her from traveling to her desired countries with or without visas.

She’s currently an expat in Malaysia and she finds ways to travel as much as she can, be it outside of the country or just making the most out of her weekends. She loves looking forward to upcoming trips, escaping a few weeks from her mundane life and being able to throw herself back in her most comfy, familiar bed. Life balance is essential for her. In fact, when her trip is about to end, She feels excited to go home. There is this euphoric feeling to go back and share all her travel experiences to her friends and loved ones. There is nothing like coming back home after a long holiday which for her makes travel, even more, better.

If you are like her, stick around and she would love to share her wonderful memories on the road without quitting her job or breaking the bank.