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The BIG 5 at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge

South Africa is known for the popular BIG 5 which refers to the Cape Buffalo, African Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Leopard, Cheetah, and Rhinoceros. I was so lucky to be able to see all of them at Inverdoorn Game Reserve and Iziba Safari Lodge, situated in Ceres and is close to Cape Town. This amazing game reserve has popular wildlife safari, exceptional rangers, sumptuous meals, great customer service, fantastic location and Luxurious Chalets.

Inverdoorn safari 1

Inverdoorn safari 7

Into the wild

The 4×4 Safari truck took us to the wild. It was such a wonderful place, just like a safari I imagined. I wanted to pinch myself if it’s still a dream that I’m in an actual Safari. I have been to a mini safari in Calauit Palawan but Inverdoorn is the best that I’ve ever been. I had goosebumps that I was finally up close and personal with the animals. I felt like I was in the heart of Africa. To walk near the Giraffes, to witness the Cheetahs run as fast as they can, make the rhinos stand by whistling at them yet fascinated with their horns intact, to enjoy the striking beauty of the black and white stripes Zebras, to learn that Elephants have emotions and that they weep just like humans do and to see the Lion King few steps away whilst holding my breath was the most special experience ever.


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Knowledgeable Ranger

Chantal, our Safari ranger for two days, was brilliant. She’s exceptional and very knowledgeable. I liked how passionate she is and she ensures that you are happy and satisfied with every animal stop. I loved how she makes each trip an interactive one. If you don’t ask questions, she throws questions which makes it very exciting for everyone. I was  glad that my Safari Experience was not boring; thanks to our sassy ranger and her great sense of humour! I am thrilled and amazed with her ability and other rangers to track the animals in perfect timing. On our first day, we did a giraffe walk in the bush, the Giraffe was so fast we hardly get near them, but Chantal kept her promise that we will go back to the wild the next morning to get close to the Giraffe. Everyone was happy that we were able to get close to them. She’s very friendly, engaging and she ensures that you will leave Inverdoorn with awesome memories along with you.

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Great Location

Inverdoorn is such a perfect location. It’s a 10 000 hectare reserve, the largest game reserve in the Ceres Karoo, which is a 2.5 drive away from Cape Town. It’s great that anyone who has limited time can visit such a safari experience; with a day-trip visit and amazing itinerary that includes the Big 5.

Inverdoorn safari 8

Inverdoorn safari 8

Luxury Accommodation

We stayed in a luxury safari chalet which includes an exclusive veranda and a fireplace. Everything looks glamorous. From the spacious room, comfy generous queen-sized bed, to the clean and aromatic bathroom, to the perfect complimentary mini bar and a private veranda facing the cactus garden, immediate access to the swimming pool and its beautiful outdoor surroundings. The room is very stylish. I personally love the carpets. The room exudes with sophistication and offers a taste of wilderness and adventure.

The bathroom projects chic and cleanliness. Simple yet weeps safari attitude with some elephant tusk ivory display and other unique artifacts. Complete with all toilet amenities. It is very spacious and I love the automatic bathroom spray too. It feels like home.

They have a fast and reliable wifi connection too. It is a non smoking room however you are allowed to smoke outside which is pretty reasonable. I like that the room itself is a comfort and I’ve come a long way to experience real luxury Safari Accommodation.

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Wildlife Conservation

One of the things I love most about Inverdoorn is that they are dedicated to wildlife conservation. Inverdoorn is not just a safari, it is also a Wildlife Rehabilitation area. It is the only one in South Africa that rescue Cheetahs from dreadful situation.  As of this date, they have 14 Cheetahs. These fastest living land animals is now in a safe place and it is such a great pleasure to be able to see them free roaming in the area. Such a diverse landscape that swags a variety of wildlife and rip-roaring adventure. I adore Inverdoorn because they’re not just your ordinary safari, they extremely care towards the wildlife and that’s just fabulous.

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Friendly Staff

We were welcomed with a smile by the Inverdoorn staff and escorted us to the luxurious room. The moment we arrived, they immediately provided complimentary food and drinks as if they knew that we really need something because on our way to Inverdoorn we got lost but that’s just another adventure story to tell.

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Carefully Planned Itinerary

Our Safari experienced was extraordinary. I am used to doing my own itinerary. It felt great to just have someone made it for you that suits to your liking. I am glad that the 2 day itinerary they laid out for us was quintessential. From the Safari drive to get up close to the most endangered cats, Safari in an open 4 x 4 with a professional guide like Chantal, the luxury chalet, to having your own time enjoying the pool and other amenities, not to mention the buffet breakfast and lunch, Aperitif and dinner in the Boma underneath the stars and oh it was a full moon at that time it was just so phenomenal.

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Cape town has a lot to offer, I thought Safaris are only in Kruger National Park.  I am extremely happy that I have experienced  Inverdoorn. Such a great adventure and a once in a lifetime Safari experience.

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