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Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach in Simons Town

african penguin boulders beach simons town

We drove to Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town to get up close with the adorable African Penguins. It was such a great opportunity to see the penguins in their natural habitat. There’s an enormous African penguins out there. I missed the Penguins at Philip Island during my visit to Australia and I’m glad I made it to Cape Town just to take a glimpse of how cute they were.


welcome to boulders beach

Boardwalk boulders beach

welcome to boulders beach simons town

walkway boulders beach

penguin colony boulders beach

african penguin boulders beach simons town capetown

There are two parts of the entrance, a path that led us to the boardwalk and the other is the public beach. Visitors can’t get off the boardwalk since it’s a protected area, however, there were few penguins on the other side of the beach where we were able to really get close to them. They’re not bothered with the people at all. It was the peak of the summer in Cape Town and there were so many tourists. It was pretty difficult to take photos from the viewing deck as everyone was trying to squeeze in to take photos and selfies with the endangered birds, but the trip to Boulders Beach to see those adorable little creatures in black and white was worth the visit.

I liked that the Penguin Park is well maintained. There is this beach they call “Foxy Beach” where you can see thousands of penguins, however, tourists are not allowed. This area though is perfect for watching those lovely penguins waddling around.

penguins at boulders beach south africa

i love penguins

Boulders beach

happy feet

Penguins boulders beach africa

penguins on the beach

african penguin boulders beach cape town

african penguins backdrop

I didn’t swim on the beach because there were so many people and the water is bit murky. Few Penguins paddling on the beach as they’re on the fence, however, some are really able to pass through the barrier. It’s also not advisable to touch or get super close to them, but despite the restrictions, I felt so lucky to be able to see them! They looked like small people wearing tuxedos! What’s not to love about Penguins? I mean they’re really sweet and charming! It was such a delight when they just pop out of nowhere waggling beside me. So endearing, funny and adorable!

penguins south africa

sunbathing boulders beach

lookout boulders beach

watching penguins

african penguin boulders beach

penguins encounter


  • Entrance fee is 70 Rand. This has access to walkways, beach, and viewpoints.
  • You are not allowed to get close to the Penguins.
  • There are areas where they just pop out of nowhere, but take note that there are fences all over
  • The place can really be crowded especially in the summer, visit early in the morning to avoid this
  • There is a boardwalk where you can view thousands of Penguins but not allowed to pass through it.
  • Combine a trip to Simon’s lovely quaint town which is a few hours away from Boulders Beach
  • The views of the ocean are pretty gorgeous but the area where you can swim is not so good tho
  • You may also visit Betty’s Bay, another location to see the Penguins.
  • If you have time, You can visit the beautiful colorful beach boxes in Muizenberg.
  • Lastly, Meet the African Penguins is a must in South Africa! I am sure you will love them! Enjoy! 🙂

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