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The Great Ocean Road: Dwarfed by the crumbling pillars of the Twelve Apostles

I felt like I was a tiny creature as I coast along the Great Ocean road. I know from a distance that I would appear like a mere speck. The water splashed intothe limestone stacks of what they call “The 12 Apostles”. A troop of natural bronze like rocks lining off the coast of Victoria. It’s beautiful, I exclaimed.

No photos could bring justice to how scenic it is.





People were on a cliff staircase walking down to the beach and each appeared as if the size of a goblin. I am fascinated of how everyone was dwarfed by nature. Wonder-struck by the sheer size of the rock stack. I can say I am really impressed of how lovely the view was and probably the most dramatic coastline I’ve ever laid my eyes on.






Nick, my travel buddy at that time who is also a fellow Filipino Travel Blogger was nowhere of sight. I guess we were used to being a solo traveler and had our private moment mesmerized by the twelve apostles. After for what seemed like a Barry Allen mode of taking selfies, I removed my shoes and socks so I can feel the sand in my toes, an obligatory act of mine which I considered an old school beach solitude. I created my own little world despite the crowd.




The sun was blocked by the cliff making it more like gloomy and windy. I bet the sunset would be so dramatic but we wont ever get a chance to see it because we only have limited time. The down part of squeezing in as many attractions as possible. So much to do, so little time. Such a cliché but so true.



The long drive from Melbourne really paid of. The rock formation of the Twelve Apostles, well umm not exactly twelve but depending on how many you count, it really doesn’t matter, even one pillar standing alone is absolutely stunning.



Walking on the shore with those giant pillars is such an overwhelming experience.

If this is not beautiful then what is?

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