Ghent: Quaint, Charming and the most beautiful city of Belgium!

Ghent belgium medieval city

Arguably, Ghent is the most lovely, historically rich and romantic city in Belgium aside from Bruges. I thought about skipping Belgium as part of my Europe Trip, but glad that I didn’t! I never thought that Ghent is abso-fuckin-lutely gorgeous! The beautiful canals, picturesque Graslei and Korenlei, cute cafes, cobblestone streets, majestic cathedrals, Museums, wonderful bridges, impressive architectures, magical castles and hot men everywhere – Ghent stole my heart!

Ghent St. Michael bridge

Ghent the most beautiful city

Ghent canals belgium

Ghent Belgium cafes

The old city center is so exquisite with attractions that are clustered together which is perfect for a great stroll. Donna and I wander around the medieval streets of the city and relaxed in one of those restaurants overlooking the city with a nice drink watching at the people as they go past. Time seems so fast in Ghent because there are so many things to see! I regret that I only spent a day there! Ghent deserves more than a day to fully explore its stunning city, but it only takes a second to fall under its spell! I felt like I was in a Gothic fantasy book never wanting to reach the end of the page.

Ghent belgium beautiful underrated city

Ghent belgium restaurant


St. Bavo’s cathedral was closed during the time of our visit, and I felt a pang of sadness for Donna. She loves churches and I admire her for being so religious. It was just a bit disappointing that the church was under construction. Maybe it was a sign that we need to re-visit Ghent in the next few years or it could be that we have reached the quota for visiting churches in Europe as if our souls have already gone beyond heavens?

Ghent belgium beautiful castles

Ghent belgium hidden gem

Ghent Graslei and Korenlei belgium

Ghent Graslei and Korenlei belgium canal

Ghent is so vibrant and full of history. Magnificent castles like the Gravensteen. The castle reminds me of some fortress in a siege in Lineage II. Small, yet Strong and beautiful castle that stands through the test of time.

Ghent belgium streets


Ghent belgium beautiful canal

Belgium ghent st bravo church


  • Have a local dinner at ‘t Klaverblad
  •  For Vegans, Dine at Soup’R
  • Graslei and Korenlei is my favorite spot in Ghent. Don’t miss this out!
  • Have some French fries and Chill in some alfresco, rooftop restaurants, or just simply grab some local specialties on the cobbled streets
  • Visit the museums and medieval castles
  •  Beef stew (stoverij) and Leffe or any other beer for that matter just compliment each other.
  • Take some of the best photos from Sint Michiels bridge!
  • For sweet tooth lovers, try Tartes de Françoise!
  • Visit the vibrant street art scene
  • 7€ boat trip with well-informed Tour Guide
  • Lastly, Enjoy Ghent! It is so beautiful!