Scenic Funicular ride from Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok Ski Resort

Stary Smokovec Hrebienok Ski Resort Vysoke tatry slovakia

Stary Smokovec is a beautiful town in Vysoke tatry (High Tatras) in Northern Slovakia.  Slovak mountain is an ideal place for winter activities like Ski, Snow shoeing, husky sledding and offers an amazing winter magical views. Talking about picturesque winter viewpoints. I was stoked!

The entire day, I was practicing how to pronounce Star ee smoke Oh vets. Slovak Language is so interesting that I was quite keen to learn simple words and pronunciation.  The word stary itself sounds dreamlike resembling its town that is covered with thick layering snow.

Stary Smokovec catholic church

funicular ride stary smokovec

Stary smokovec snow mountain

cable car from Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok Ski Resort

Stary Smokovec town

I found myself standing at the front right next to the driver as the cable car take its way up to Hrebienok, one of the prominent ski resorts in Slovak Mountain. The sight from the funicular was absolutely beyond words, I’ve never seen anything like it. I didn’t know I was in for a real deal of gorgeous mountain backdrop all over the glass window of the cable way.  What a never-ending view of awesomeness!

Snow-capped Peak Mountain welcomed us in all its grandeur beauty. Hrebienok boast with such stunning mountains shielded in snow. I was caught off guard with the big statue bear, not only on top of Hrebienok, moreover most of the cafés and restaurants in High Tatras have statue of bears as a symbol to remind them that bears territory is predominantly in the High Tatras of Slovakia. The view is just too beautiful not to take so many photographs. Freezing hands is the worse, even my phone suffered in cold temperature. It was -17 bitter cold as far as I can remember.

Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok Slovakia

Hrebienok Ski Resort

Ski resort slovakia

Hrebienok Ski Resort Vysoke tatry

Hrebienok Ski Resort high tatras

I wasn’t there to ski, heck, I don’t even have the proper gear to do so. Skiing sounds really cool, but my mind is not set to hit the slopes just yet! It was funny that the cold became instantly my kryptonite, consequently I found my power in a mug of hot café latte. Totally the best stake to beat the frosty day.

We fancied a seat on an ice chair in one of the ice art exhibition outside Tatransky Dom. The ice sculptures were everywhere that we didn’t even bother to check the actual Dom. We took the funicular back to Stary Smokovec with a red cheek face. Stary Smokovec’s Vyoske tatry Roman Catholic Church in pastel color looks really lovely that Henry couldn’t help but take a selfie with a framework of it. I’ve never seen such church with such great structure. At first I thought it was just a normal half-timbered house that stands in the heart of the town, and unfortunately the church was closed. I couldn’t help but wonder how it looked like inside.

Cable car stary smokovec

Stary Smokovec to Hrebienok Ski Resort high tatras slovakia

Stary Smokovec high tatras

hot Coffee in a cold day stary smokovec

I love the winter silence. The weather seems to be depressing to some, however it was my first winter experience and there is something about the town roofed in full snow that made it more magical.

And the grounds in white were even more like mystically in a storybook.

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