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Hai Sang Lou Chinese Restaurant: Chinese Restaurant above the sea


Floating atop the Coast of Sepang, Hai Sang Lou Chinese Restaurant is absolutely one of the best Chinese fine dining restaurants in Sepang with such an incredible ocean view. We had a sumptuous exotic dinner during our
stay at Avani Sepang Goldcoast.

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Started off with a great Shan Cha Hua tea (Camellia Flower Tea) that compliments the warm and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant. The oozing sweet smell of the hot beverage makes us feel relaxed, like a warm up for the next big thing to dig in. We loved the tea so much and were pretty much impressed with the taste. It’s English name is Camellia Tea and it’s a flower tea that come from Japan.

Eggplant Fries was then served hot and crisp! Every bite of it was so good probably due to its pleasingly firm texture. It was deliciously coated well with egg mixture and some mixed spices. Ling, My Vietnamese friend wants to try this recipe at home. We will see how it’ll turns out then.


Deliciously Hot Sour Soup and soft Shell Crab was next in line. I’m not really a fan of Sour Soup but the crab was the real treat! It was the star of the night for me. Tender, flavorful and crispy soft shell Crab its so good to eat including the shell is super crunchy. I loved that it is so pleasantly crispy outside but soft in the inside. Totally delightful!

The Butter Prawns was served sinfully delicious. I liked that it was shaved and no need to remove the shell and go through the hassle of messy to peel kind of struggle. The shrimps were cooked well and its buttery smell so good
not to mention that the chicken floss goes well with the flavorful prawn is definitely a crowd pleaser.

Hai Sang Lou takes pride on every food they offer. Luscious braised bean curd skin with mushroom and Broccoli served on the table was one of our favorite dishes too. The broccoli wasn’t overcooked and very appealing. The dish was incredibly palatable.


Our dessert for that night was Mango sago. Mango and sago are perfect together like they’re made for each other in the food pairing industry. It has this summer refreshing mouth-watering look. It was not too sweet and
despite being full from all the dishes, we can’t simply resist the mango sago that brings an exquisite feeling to our palate.

We left the restaurant with a happy tummy craving to come back for more.



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