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PS150 :Shhh It’s a Secret! Best Hidden Speakeasy Bar in Petaling Street Kuala  Lumpur revealed!

PS150 Hidden Bar in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Who knew PS150 exists in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur’s Chinatown? We were in search for ChoCha Food Store when we came across this hidden bar in the heart of China town!

Who could have thought that behind the antique toy counter shop is a delightful chamber of freakishly cool cocktails? The entrance was so creepy that we literally screamed like kids (We’re young at heart!) and we have goosebumps when someone out of nowhere said that the Bar is open. Ohh it’s a bar! It was freakin’  6PM, too early for a doze of alcohol, but who cares it was weekend so we gave it a try. We were super disappointed with ChoCha Food Store and PS150 was a noble respite!

PS150 Hidden Bar in KL

PS150 Hidden Bar in KL MY

PS150 Hidden Bar in Kuala Lumpur MY

PS150 Hidden Speakeasy Bar in KL

The entrance is insanely nightmarish like I said, the passage is gleaming and glowing in red with photographs on the wall, Chinese umbrellas hanging on the ceiling, and wing-backed chairs with crazy bamboo-beaded curtain style that looks like it was rooted back in the 60’s. The access is a bit ghostly yet cool knowing that it was formerly a brothel! No wonder it has a sensual look.

Another striking part of the passage is the path with few leather chairs where you can sit and talk with friends and on the other part is a narrow mantelpiece where you can partake a standing convo having a scotch with perhaps, a newly found friend.

PS150 Hidden Speakeasy Bar in Malaysia

PS150 Hidden Speakeasy Bar in Chinatown

The bar is an absolute craze and its warm tones sets a great feeling not to mentioned that we were the only customers at the moment. Drinks were made with a local twist with a vast array of choices based on era. Vintage 1850, post-war, dark ages, classic to present. I adored the quirky atmosphere with an old colonial mood. I choose Jungle bird PS 150 Edition inspired from Tiki Era with a modern twist. Super love the aromatic spice rum combined with Pandam rum, Campari , lime, pineapple nd even Gula Melaka Syrup whatever that is! The bitter -sweet feeling like you’re drinking a classsic jungle bird from post-war 40’s to 60’s is truly satisfying.

Jungle bird cocktail PS150 Hidden Speakeasy Bar in Chinatown

Smoking area PS150 Hidden Speakeasy Bar in Chinatown

PS150 best hidden bar in Kuala Lumpur MY

Their menu is the coolest, classically hand written with informational details about the cocktail era. Didn’t even know that Jungle bird is created in the 70’s in Hilton, wow that’s a little tidbits here! Vintage decor, Soft music, warm ambiance, skillful bartenders, unpretentious crowd, and the overall old age vibe of the bar projects an exotic character.

Jungle bird Tiki ERa PS150 Hidden Speakeasy Bar in Chinatown

Quotes PS150 Hidden Speakeasy Bar in Chinatown

We love it!

We totally love it!

We abso-fuckin-lutely love it!

… and we will certainly go back!

PS150 best hidden bar in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

PS150 best hidden bar in Kuala Lumpur


– It gets crowded at 9 or 10, they shutdown the main entrance after 10 PM (The venue is small), so you better make a reservation or come early like we did!
– Parking is difficult, Try uber / Grab instead 😀
– They accept Credit/Debit cards
– Drinks are expensive as expected but worth it! Average cocktail price is 40 RM
– If you’re a cocktail fan, You will be impress with their local version. Try  Jungle Bird and Lychee Martini No. 3
– A little caveat here, They do not serve food except Popiah and complementary Muruku
– Merchants Lane is above PS150, Food there is incredibly great and the last time I check PS150 allow food from them.
– This bar does not have an outdoor view. I recommend Heli Bar for KL view.
– If you have an obsession with Pre-war Era Cocktails, this place is for you!
– Cool Music, Not for Party dance people. Bar is good for chillin’ with friends and enjoy watching the artistic bartenders grind their craft!
– No dress code!
– Lastly, Have fun finding PS150!

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