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Dinner on a bus with Bustronome: A unique way to tour and fine dine in Paris in Style!

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Bustronome is a gourmet tour in Paris with a fantastic lunch or dinner on board restaurant on a glass ceiling bus combining a great sightseeing in the French Capital. It was my birthday in Paris and my friend Donna had a nerve-racking discussion with me on where to dine because with the endless fine dining in Paris, I find it so effin hard to choose! Each restaurant have different views of the city which makes it so difficult to select and I wanted something uniquely incredible than the cliche dinner on Seine Cruise. So, when I found Bustronome, I was like, this is it! Why not see all the major attractions in Paris whilst on board?

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The bus is high end, decked out on an avant-garde classy restaurant and unbelievably glass on all sides that promises 360 views of the most romantic city in the world. I absolutely spoiled myself on this gourmet luxury bus tour, after all, it was my birthday. I deserved something, first class! Speaking of first class, the interior is very sophisticated, elegant and something unusual yet romantic.

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A comfortable bus ride, great food and there is no way that you’ll feel that the bus is shaking while you eat. Albeit you will be shaking your hearts out ‘cause you will have a hard time where to look – from kick ass delicious food beautifully presented or the magnificent views of the city! What I liked most about Bustronome is that they provided a city map with all these main attractions in Paris with an audio pen available in many different languages to explain the history and interesting facts of each site. So, technically you get to taste a delicious 5-star gourmet, see the best of Paris and know more about the city of lights without getting any guide! What a fabulous way to experience Paris right?

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What more glam is the food they presented! We had a lovely evening meal while enjoying the incredible city of Paris! It started with a sea bass tartar, followed by Langoustines, fillet cod, Toffee cream sorbet for dessert and a glass of wine. The service is also fast and surprisingly, friendly staff. We also had an opportunity to get off the bus and see the Eiffel Tower sparkling in all its glory. It was mesmerizing! Bustronome is absolutely an extraordinary and fantastic way to crashed Paris. I had an unforgettable birthday experience! I thought it was a tourist trap, but it exceeded my expectation. It is pricey, but I am glad that my money did not go to waste because I enjoyed every minute of the tour and that no amount of money will ever replace the experience I had.

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Paris is beautiful! No doubt about that. Do yourself a favor and book this tour, it is worth every penny! It is by far, the best ride I ever had!

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Just get on the bus!

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