Lost in the beauty of Strasbourg

Strasbourg alsace france

Strasbourg is a little town in Alsace France. It wasn’t my intention to visit Strasbourg, but I lost my way to Colmar and ended up in the beautiful town of Strasbourg. Sometimes, getting lost has its advantages, and one of it is straying off a charming town with endless scenic views.

I instantly fell in love with the half-timbered houses lining the canals. It was winter, and I was absolutely freezing, but the picturesque town gave me a warm welcome to enjoy every second of my stay there. I know I won’t stay long in Strasbourg, and I hate to say that I could’ve include it in my Euro trip considering it only takes 2.5 hours from Paris to get there. Time was definitely my enemy, I only have limited time to visit every nook and cranny.

charm strasbourg town alsace

strasbourg romantic town alsace

cafe restaurant strasbourg

Strasbourg charming town in france

strasbourg town

Gare de strasbourg

Notre dame cathedral strasbourg

Strasbourg france

Most of the restaurants were closed and it looks really gloomy, I wondered how it looked like in spring where the flowers are in full bloom and the skies are blue. Despite the weather, its charm never fades. I sat and contemplated of how alluring the town was.

I looked up and saw the Cathedral of Notre dame with its impressive astronomical clock. Its a pity that the church was closed. I could only stand in front of the highest medieval architecture in Europe. There is no time to climb the observation tower to get a breathtaking views of the whole town. The structure is so intricate, thus the attention to the details pulled me like a magnet, like it will captivate even the most stoic globetrotter.

I grabbed a Kugelhopfs and Cafe Latte at Woerle, I could taste the raisins and the almonds flavoured. It is a pastry that is shaped like a crown that I can’t help to ruin its form. It was delicious enough to satisfy my hunger, I haven’t eaten since my last meal in Paris. Ahhh, the coffee totally helped to keep me warm.

Alleys in Strasbourg france

strasbourg beauitful town alsace

Streets of strasbourg

I was fascinated by the historic buildings that manifest a mix of French and German culture. In Petite France, the historical quarters remain still. Ahh, what a shame I couldn’t stay even just for a night ‘cause I was booked to Colmar. What a big missed, nevertheless it made me feel like I need a comeback to discover the town. It really deserve a stay!

The winding streets felt like I was in a storybook. I passed by the Strasbourg Tourism office, I could’ve gotten myself a map, but what’s the use? It will only make me feel bad not to visit all of the best attractions that Strasbourg could offer.

Instead, I grasped an inviting pretzel, and took a bite while I walked to the train station. It broke my heart, I wished I didn’t come across this beautiful town.

strasbourg solo travel

You should really revisit Strasbourg says Ita, the Indonesian girl based in Germany that I met on the road.

I nodded.

Stratsbourg, I got lost in your beauty. I swore I will come back. 

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