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Things to do in Dresden, Germany

Dresden is a great city to explore in Germany with its beautiful architectures, fascinating history and was restored after the WWII bombing. What I like about Dresden is that the attractions are walking distance and can be wandered easily. Here are the some of the things to do in Dresden in no particular order.

OPERA HOUSE / Semperoper
This is the Famous Opera in Dresden and is beautifully restored. Transport  back into the past through guided tour and better yet, appreciate the stage and enjoy watching the performance of Hansel and Gretel. It’s a great
restoration with full of wonderful history. This is a must landmark to visit when in Dresden.

FrauenKirche Church

Magnificent and very impressive baroque Church. Despite beautifully rebuilt after a horrible destruction in world war 2, the entrance is free but what gives me chills is the view from the top of the Church which cost me 8€. Don’t ever leave Dresden without going on top of the Frauenkirche Church. The view is just spectacular.

360 degree view of Dresden from Church of our lady #frauenkirche #dresden #germany

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Brühl’s Terrace / Balcony of Europe

You will never miss this the Balcony of Europe as the views here are wonderful. You feel like you are enjoying Europe from your Balcony with tons of rich history. It’s not actually the whole Europe but the views it offer is
a fantastic views of Dresden and the exquisite Elbe River. It gets pretty busy in this area and A morning walk would be great for a peaceful stroll with such an elegant Romanesque architecture of Dresden.



Just beside the Opera House lies the magnificent Zwinger Palace. Great collection of art masterpieces from great painters like Rembrandt, Raphael, Titian, lovely gardens, wonderful statues, and stunning palace. The palace is
just a throw stones away from the train station. I highly recommend Zwinger. This is another beauty of Dresden that is overlooked by many. Take a walk at the grandiose Palace and feel like kings and queens!


Sausage and Beer

Do yourself a favor and have a hearty Saxon brunch. Late night beers and snacks while rekindling with the past of Dresden. There is nothing like having a good food after exploring the whole city of Dresden and just have a taste of the best food, Reasonable price and great Ambiance!

This alley filled with restaurants in #dresden is just underrated. #germany

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Dresden Cathedral / Katholische Hofkirche

A beautiful church dedicated to the Holy Trinity and one of the famous and largest Landmark in Dresden with its quaint impressive architecture. I admire the outer facade that truly screams majestic and surprisingly the inner part is white and gold with a grand altar and an exceptional organ to top it off.

Furstenzug (The Procession of the Princes)

This impressive mural is one of the most interesting places to visit in Dresden. The porcelain painting shows a very detailed lineage of Saxon Kings, a wonderful wall that manifest the Saxon History in a glimpse. It is such an
astonishing masterpiece from the past and it’s amazing that the procession of princes stood the test of time and still admire by visitors until now.

A 101 meter stroll through history #Fürstenzug #dresden #germany

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Dresden is such a beautiful city! So glad that I did a side trip on this incredible Saxony City from Prague. Have you been to Dresden? What are the things that you did that fascinates you?



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