Chinese New Year in Hongkong

What better way to start the year than celebrating Chinese New Year in Hongkong? I know it’s almost summer, the sun is as hot you are, people are so excited to go to the beach and wear their best summer attire and I’m still talking about the beginning of the year like it never ends. It’s just procrastination is my number one fan.

They say that the best month to travel HK is from Dec– Feb, the coldest months and of course the Chinese New Year. I heard they have winter season but I never thought that it could be cold as 6 Degrees Celsius. We were wearing shorts, slippers and t-shirt, a typical Filipino outfit and it was freezing when we arrived. We only brought two winter outfits. We weren’t prepared. We have that feeling that almost everyone is looking at us because we were totally different like they wore trench coats and stuff while our get up was like summertime. It was a laugh trip moment though.

I didn’t know that I would admire riding in a cable car bearing in mind that I am not an enthusiast for rides and stuff but the breathtaking view is worth the price for a crystal cage. The scenic view is fantastic despite the fog covering some awesome spots. I would consider riding again in the future. Completing the over two hundred steps to the big Buddha was a huge effort for us while fighting for the cold weather. Nevertheless, it was a non sweat split of a second.

SPotted: SHorts in Winter. lol

Lesson Learned: Bring winter outfits. 😀

Kung Hei Fat CHoi!

The Big Buddha in Lantau Island

Ngong Ping 360 Cable car moment.

Strolling along the Po Lin Monastery was uninteresting where there were loads of people hence we shifted to a hushed type place called Wisdom Path. The way to the wisdom path is precisely noiseless and kind of scary to see a closed Tea House Restaurant covering with rag dolls in the windows, chairs and tables and even outside the street near the Resto. It may sound crazy but we even ran along the way with thoughts going on our minds like the wrong turn film if you’ve seen the movie you’ll know what I mean. Perhaps if it weren’t fogging and freezing the impression might be different. A leisurely walk along the Avenue of Stars was captivating with the cool breeze in the sea and overlooking skyscrapers, a short ride to the Starr Ferry is a never to missed in the City and how unlucky we were to missed the symphony of lights. We ditched the Tai O Village which was part of our HK Itinerary since it might not be a good time to check it out. It’s true that few itineraries are not followed in some cases.

CReepy Dolls around the tea house.

Finally. We reached “The Wisdom Path”.

Avenue of Stars

CHinese New Year. View from our window in Tai San Guest House.

Our food experience in HK was incredible! Authentic Chinese Foods were tasty. The desire of eating just Chinese food everyday ended as bumping into Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean Resto which were pretty delicious too. No wonder we spent 50% of our pocket money on food alone.The attempt to drink a local beer somehow completed the nights during our stay in the country. To visit Macau for the second time was still great. The Galaxy hotel was finally completed after two years, my eyes feasted on its wonderful structure; I couldn’t help but to adore the Hotel. The free food tasting in Senado Square was still fun. The fisherman’s wharf is still under construction. I wonder when it will open again.

Food Coma @ Kyozasa Japanese Restaurant in TST

…we can’t help to try some desserts @maxims everytime we take the MTR.

If you’re up for some spicy soup, Try “Hungry Korean” @TST

It’s nice to be back @ St. Paul RUins, Macau

FIsherman’s Wharf, Macau.

Nan Lian Garden was totally nice and The Ten Thousand Buddhas requires a lot of energy and we don’t have much oomph left in ourselves upon reaching 300 Buddhas that we halted for a lame reason somewhere near the angry Buddha, we were like complaining and it may seem foolish however we heard someone speak in Chinese Language that we couldn’t barely understood and we were pretty sure that there were no other people on the spot where we were, the voice was authoritative and creepy which gave us Goosebumps all over and in a spur-of-the-moment we rushed to the top. Probably the place is really sacred and one should complete the Ten Thousand Buddhas to pay respect to their Gods. I checked google if there was an event being haunted by Buddhas in the holy place but there was no result. I don’t believe in Buddhas taking into consideration that I’m a pure Christian but the incident made me think otherwise.
Wandering around the night market made me realized why most people love HK. Hearing tons of foreigners negotiating the price for an item made me smile thinking Russel Peters Video regarding shopping in HK was somehow correct. The best part of my tour in the country was to convince the sales lady to purchase my favorite Eiffel Tower miniature for only HKD55 instead of HKD280. I was quoted by my friends as a “no mercy negotiator”. How in the world can she sell HK$280 Miniature? Not all glowing item equate expensiveness. She had me purchased the item for HKD55 but she didn’t provide me a battery. Okay it was fair enough. I can buy cheap battery in the Philippines anyway. I know I should bought HK miniature as my HK souvenir but Eiffel tower will always be my favorite.

Nan Lian Garden

The Ten Thousand Buddhas. Way to go! 😛

I know it’s more fun in the Philippines but nothing is more fun and magical by bringing the child in me. Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth indeed. Everything turned out to be so amazing that until now I’m still humming the song “It’s a small world after all”. Disneyland touched my heart in a very magical way.

It was a magical Day! 🙂

“All our dreams can come true, If we have the courage to pursue them” – walt disney

One day, I will chase Disneyland together with my siblings. I’m certain that they’ll going to love it there like I did. I would love to see, travel, explore and embrace the world. If only Aladdin’s magic carpet is real. I would love to take a non-stop ride.