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The Majestic Malacca – A luxurious Colonial Hotel in Malacca

The Malacca that we know is slowly changing, from the building structures that turned into hip cafes, to the narrow streets that always get pretty busy, 1900s  local shops gradually closing one after another, and it is good to know that The Majestic Malacca still preserve its old charm. A colonial Heritage hotel near the river banks still remains the most charming Peranakan abode. So traditional with a twist of modernity that brings serenity, quiet, full of history, and a classy stay in the heart of Malacca.

Majestic Malacca

The foyer of the mansion has decorated tiles, fancy ceilings, aesthetic ornaments, beautiful flowers, crafted lamps, and genuine smile from the staff the moment I arrived. Lovely candies and snacks in the lobby for delicious
treats. The dining room, the library, tea room and even the lobby, lounge, terrace, and bar purely scream sophistication.

The staff escorted me to my room with a set of lovely traditional Chinese tea basket, not to mention the Lychee tea was pretty tasty. I stayed in an elegant colonial Deluxe room with a great view of the city. The room exquisitely projects charisma that reflects to remember the good old days of Malacca. The timber floors that exudes classic furnishing reminds me of the ancestral houses of my childhood days in the Philippines.

The inviting claw foot bathtub with wooden sliding doors which I’m bound to make good use of. The beautiful spacious room includes a queen sized bed with good air conditioning, in-room safe box, Coffee and tea maker, Mini bar, fan, bathrobes, Flat Screen TV, Desk,  and a separate shower and tub. Decors are purely authentic Peranakan yet with a touch of modern and luxury. Looking at the Large window overlooking the river banks and the city while I sip a cup of tea.

The Peranakan sweet treats complete with cute handkerchief and water bottled delivered straight to my room,
it’s those small gestures that add up to an overall great experience.


Dining at Melba the Mansion at The Majestic Malacca served Kristang cuisine, a Malacca-Portuguese rich with multi cultural flavors. I had a chance to meet the award winning Kristang Chef, Melba Nunis bringing her family style of passion for cooking. I loved that whenever there are guests coming in, everyone including Chef Melba welcomed and introduce the Kristang Cuisine, you see not everyone visiting Malacca knows what Kristang is. I’ve been visiting Malacca like every year and this is the first time that I tried the authentic Malacca-Portuguese cuisine. The warm atmosphere with its antiques and wooden furniture is a perfect setting to dine and was truly happy for such a unique dining experience.

The Mansion’s Pool is not everyone’s huge pool yet it is clean, charming and elegant. The Spa Village at The Majestic Malacca with the view of the Pool promises a relaxing and therapeutic massage that comes from the heritage of Baba-Nyonya, and not only that there is also a great gym facility for someone like me who’s working out is a must.

I loved that The Majestic Malacca provides a complimentary walking tour around the heritage sites of Malacca, the old streets with plenty of information that delve me into the history of Malacca. I adored that they took us to the lesser streets where locals live that’s something different from the usual Jonker street tours that I previously had and that’s just truly majestic.

Not only that the mansion is historically rich, and I am impressed of how the hotel retains its classic elegance. The Majestic Malacca is by far the most wonderful, picturesque, charming 1920’s colonial hotel I’ve ever stayed at.

The Majestic Malacca
188 Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 6 289 8000

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