Best Look outs in Budapest with Stunning city views!

One of the things I love about Budapest is that there are so many lookouts and viewpoints that meets the eye. I have compiled the best spots to take photos in Budapest and all of these places are so captivating and offers stunning panoramic views of the city!


This Grandeur palace is mind-blowing with its great architecture and it showcases the best panoramic view over pest city. The castle has a breathtaking view of the bridge, parliament and the Danube River. The castle is old but its charm remains lovely and it is indeed a gateway to a fantastic view. Getting here is easy. You can either take the Funicular railway or walk your way up to the hill. Either way, it caters an amazing view. Daytime is stunning and night view is just magical!

View from Buda castle

Chain Bridge Budapest



Fisherman’s Bastion is one of my favorite spots to take tons of photos. The view from this angle is just wonderful with a new feel of the old city on top of the hill. No wonder why so many people are so captivated by its grand alluring architecture and lovely arches. What’s great about it is that it is right next to the St. Matthias Church and an alley of exquisite restaurants that offers must-try food in Budapest. 10/10 Thumbs up Views!

Parliament Budapest

Fisherman's bastion budapest



Located on top of the hill, the views from The Citadel is just overly gorgeous. I met a Taiwanese girl from Fisherman’s Bastion and we made our way up to Citadel on foot! The climb is pretty steep, but if you are too lazy to climb, you may opt for the bus. It was insanely exhausting but the view is very rewarding. The weather is not really that great when we visited but the views are undeniably picturesque.


the citadel view



One of the Beautiful churches in Budapest, Matthias church is one of the must see! The unique style of the church with its colorful roof makes it stand out from the rest of the church. The entrance is free, but the trick here is to go all the way to the bell tower (1500 HUF) and see the phenomenal view of the city!




There are two ways to climb Gellert Hill, One is near the Elizabeth Bridge and the other is near the hop on hop off bus station. I took the Path close to the Elizabeth Bridge with my new found Taiwanese friend and it was quite a strenuous hike! There’s a food stall on top of the hill and we couldn’t help but have some Budapest food whilst enjoying a great view! The status itself is not that amazing, nothing to fuss about, but the view is wonderful. I wanted to wait for the sunset and see the night view, but the weather did not cooperate. The weather is crazily gloomy and drizzly. Nevertheless, this is definitely a great lookout in Budapest!

liberty bridge budapest gellert hill view

gellert hill view



I fall in love with this church. I couldn’t stop adoring the dome and paintings it’s just so classic. I’m not a religious person but during my visit to Europe, It’s like a church visit to each city is always on top of my list probably because of the interior view and the views on the top is always fantastic. I don’t know what’s with churches rooftop that they always have a beautiful view like the FrauenKirche Church I visited in Dresden. Don’t forget to take the lift up to the tower for amazing views of the city and a little tip here for food, outside the Church, are arrays of restaurants and you will surely love Rosa Gelato, it tastes delicious and it shaped like a rose!


Visit Budapest! I’m pretty sure that you will fall in love with not just one but two or more viewpoints!