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Sunset Dinner @ BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar

BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar is tucked away in Kelana Jaya. The restaurant offers the best quality of Italian and Asian fusion with an off-beat culinary style. A charming little gem with an overlooking view of the lake.

The restaurant is an open air giving no hard time to select which table to take as all sides have a great view over the lake.




Food was freshly prepared, delightful and simply tasty. We started with the Giant Head Prawn Salad (RM43). The Prawns were perfectly poached mixed with fresh apples, mandarin, raisin and watermelon. It’s a sophisticated starter for a sunset dinner.

Giant Head Prawn

This was then followed by the enticing Amori Di Mare Soup (RM20). Broiled soup in strong garlic fragrance which consists of delish fresh clams, mussel, squid and prawn. Extraordinarily spicy with a scrumptious garlic bread that complement its rich soup.


Our Next course is Tortellini Beef (RM21), a hearty minced beef dumpling with an oozing tomato sauce and a side of a small bouquet of raw green vegetables.


The Next dish is one of my favorites, a mouth watering deep fried king size prawn with its catchy name “Gangnam Prawn” (RM20 per 100g) is really one finger licking hell of a catch. As crunchy and appealing as it was. I can’t get


Now give it up for BGT’s Signature Wood Pizzas. Meet the meat lovers pizza (RM35) topped with beef pepperoni, beef bacon with caramelized onions, chicken sausages and mozzarella cheese.

Feel the love for pineapples, the Hawaiian Pizza comprises of grilled chicken topping with oyster mushrooms, Bgt bbq sauce, mozzarella cheese and of course pineapple chunks.

My heart melt with their crunchy thin crust.

meat lovers

hawiian pizza

Introducing BGT’s Italian way of making a crispy chicken breast so juicy it’s even stuffed with mozzarella cheese, spinach and smoked turkey ham. I like this one too, they call it Petti Di Pollo (RM25). The cream based sauce is such a delish and love how they grilled the red and green peppers.


Next on the table is the Grilled Lamb Shoulder (RM41). Grilled to its finest, topped with freshly ground pepper and despite me being not a fan of yogurt mint sauce, it taste really good.


Roll off the red carpet for Pasta, BGT take pride of their pastas. I was overwhelmed that it comes with different colors. In fact, they call it the Rainbow Pasta. All are too lovely to eat. You may say, looks can be deceiving
but trust me on this. They’re all excellent especially the Spinach Fettuccine with Bolognese.

BGT’s very own pasta

Black Sesame Fettuccine served with sausages and mushrooms


Spinach Fettuccine with Bolognese


Tomato Fettuccine with turkey ham and carbonara sauce.


Calling out Pasta lovers in town. BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar dares you for an ultimate Eat all you can pasta challenge for a reasonable price of RM19.89 net with complementary soup, drink, salad and dessert. Good deal isn’t it?

The next pasta served on the table was the marvelous Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Oglio (RM29) brings the wonderful flavours of coriander and chili flakes perfectly enhanced for better taste of tiger prawns, clams, mussels and squids.


Next on the menu was Kong Po Lou Shi Fun (RM21), a wok-fried rice noodles served with diced chicken, squids, prawn with dried chili that makes it more appetizing than ever.

It gets really overwhelming, Hands down to BGT’s Paella Italians (RM29). Generously packed with squid, clam, tiger prawn, black olive, red capsicum, green pea olio flavour and chicken breast. I am a fan of paella and its terrific Italian style is really a must try.


We ended our dinner with two desserts. Durian Pizza (RM25) with overwhelming cheese toppings. Yes you heard it right – Durian! I really don’t like the taste and smell of Durian, even disgust it making me only tasted two durians in my entire life but their pizza cooked from a wood fire oven with strong durian flavour, omg, they nailed it. I think I may need to change my perspective about durian.


durian pizza

I will end this review with a Fruity Crepe Lava (RM21). Freshly pan-fried french crepes flavoured with creamy fresh orange juice, cube fruits and vanilla ice cream on top. simple ingredients yet undeniably elegant. It’s in my favorite lists too. Never ever leave BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar without trying this luscious, classy and tasty Crepe!


Dinners are a great time to enjoy all of these delights with a sunset view over the lake. BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar also offers event packages such as birthdays, weddings et all. You may also follow their Facebook Page as from time to time they offer some hot deals. oh by the way, they also have some booze. Grab that alcohol drinks of your choice after meal!



Special Thanks for BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar for this tremendous gastronomic feast.

BGT Lakeview Restaurant & Bar
Address: C-06 Plaza Kelana Jaya,
SS7/13A, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
47301, Malaysia
Tel: 03 7877 3636
Mob: 018 987 8908 Joyce / 018 265 4121 CK

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