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Floria 2012: Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival

Malaysian’s grandest collection of international flower landscapes ended last week. It was a week of fabulous flower and horticultural exhibits with indoor and outdoor presentations. Bougainvillea enduring beauty was this year’s theme. Locals and tourists flock into the Putrajaya Waterfront to celebrate the flower festival. The festival showcases splendid of colorful flowers, bougainvillea and orchid competition, workshops and garden designs. The floral designs were pretty impressive. Floral Pavilions and the university garden arrangement were amazing. I’ve been to Baguio but I never had the chance to witness Panagbengga Festival. Putrajaya Floria Festival was my first flower festival experience. Instead of taking busses 100, 200, 500 to Precinct 2, we took the Nadi Putra Bus to waterfront Precinct 2 where the show garden festival is located. Fare was only 50 Cents. The catch, Nadi Putra Bus is only available whenever there is an event in Putrajaya. It was kind of gloomy when we visited and despite the misty weather condition the flowers still look great. Aside from the show garden, there were plenty of garden bazaar, food stalls, handicrafts and night market bazaar as well.

Each State in Malaysia represents their only-one-of-its-kind garden designs. Flowers from the outdoor designs were lovely and colorful however some plants from the indoor were a little withered. I failed to see the indoor designs on its first or second day where the flowers blossom perfectly nevertheless I’m still grateful to witness the festival on its second to the last day. Fruit stands screaming discounted price and mangoes were irresistible. I bought 2 kilos of Mangoes for only 10 Ringgit and the rest of the group purchased four cacti for only 2.5 Ringgit. Strolling at the bazaars while waiting for the Night Float Parade was cool. Yes. Night float Parade was part of the event. We climbed to the Millennium Monument to take a glimpse of the most awaited float parade. I observed that there was like history information embedded along the stairway. The information that was engraved on the plates looks interesting. I’ve seen the map of the Philippines engraved there too. It would be nice to go back to the monument and read everything that was written there. Their national leaders who fought for their independence were also part of the plates in the building.

While waiting for the grand float Parade, we had Ice cream which we bought downstairs. I noticed a lot of photographers setting up their tripods ready to take stunning shots. We were standing near the obelisk-like tower and the carvings were remarkable. If only I’ve seen the tower on day light to view the carvings closer and clearer. The tower serves as a lighthouse making it more dramatic with the night view.

We stayed there for more than half an hour and the parade didn’t start yet. We headed downstairs on the lake side. I was positioned near the lake geared up to take shots when I abruptly learned from my Best in Putrajaya tour guide Sam that Putrajaya was once the home of Cobras. Paranoia embraced the hell out of me considering that I am a certified Ophidiophobia freak. I shifted to where my foot can feel the cement. Those grasses covered with darkness terrified me. hahaha

The magical night floral parade cruised along Putrajaya’s waterfront. The floats were magnificent as they crossed under Seri Wawasan Bridge. One of my friends told me that the parade happens every night and people gather there to witness the event. The decorated flotillas illuminate the serene lake. I was mesmerized by the floats which gracefully sail on the waterfront. A total of fifteen floral floats designs by each state cruises along the lake with their scenic charm and creative designs leaving an impression for viewers to pick one’s desired float. I personally love the Putrajaya’s float because of the fantasy-like theme. The float’s suited the floria event where butterflies dance and angel-like singing at the background. Countries from Suzhou China and Kenya also participated in this year’s Magic of the night Parade.

After the float parade, we had our dinner. It was so hard to select what to eat among the food stalls. It looks like all the foods were yummy! Funny, we all ended up eating Fried Chicken, Rice, French Fries and soda to quench our thirst. The 15-20 minute fireworks display dominated the night. It was indeed a magical night. The festival experience was overwhelming.

How to get there?
Every year Putrajaya celebrates Floria festival. The festival takes place every July. Catch Nadi Putra Bus at Putrajaya Sentral Station. The Bus is only available whenever there is an event in Putrajaya. If you want to visit precinct 2, take busses 100, 200, 300, 500 and drop off at precinct 2. Need to walk to the waterfront. Bus stop is near the Prime Minister’s Office. You can go around and tour Putrajaya. Fare is 50 Cents Ringgit. Travel time is approximately 15 minutes.

Tips for next year’s event:
– Better visit the festival on its first day where the flowers are in full bloom.
– Hat, sunglasses, camera, towel, and umbrella in case the weather is too hot or unexpected rain may occur.
– Bring Cash. No debit/credit cards allowed in the bazaars. The Atm is too far. If you don’t want to walk better bring cash if you plan to buy stuffs.
– Go there late afternoon to avoid the scorching heat.
– Travel light. Don’t carry too many things.
– Take care of your belongings. The crowd can be deceiving and unpredictable.
– Admission is Free! Have fun!

Putrajaya Floria 2012
Event Ended last June 30 – July 8 2012
Monday – Thursday : 10:00am – 10:00pm
Friday – Sunday : 10:00 am – 12 Midnight
Waterfront, Precinct 2
Putrajaya, Malaysia

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  • Loving your photos – thanks for sharing:)

    • Riz

      Thanks Renee! 🙂

  • Jeni

    Wow… Love the artistic mind of the people behind this floating boats. Please do also check out my site and like us on , we do also make creative Festival floats. 🙂

    • Riz

      Thanks! Liked! 🙂

  • Robbie

    Wowwwwwww! Ang ganda nung floral decoration dun sa loob ng bahay! 😀
    Although I thought the floats would be made out of flowers as well just like in Panagbenga pero bet pa rin! Hahaha.

    Teh, I’ll send the photos na talaga soon. Hahaha.

    • Riz

      Honga nde xa flowers2… cge wait ko ung mga pics. Send mo pag may time ka.. thanks tehh!! 🙂

  • wandershugah

    what can i say? GRANDE! grande tlga! Lovely photos! <3


    • Riz

      Thanks Sugah! 🙂

  • ang ganda ng mga arrangements! 🙂 yan ang na miss ko sa malaysia last time, ang Putrajaya. 🙁

  • Great night shot of the Seri Wawasan Bridge! I haven’t seen it lit up beautifully like that in person…sa pictures lang. Dapat pala puntahan siya pag may big event.

    Taga diin ka Riz?

    • admin

      Thanks Marcos! 🙂 Taga Bacolod q. Balik di bala sa malaysia. hehe! 😀

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