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Lost in the Woods: Frim’s Canopy Walk

Have you lost track in the forest even with the map in your hands or when was the last time you had a surprising trek? When Robbie of The Travelling Dork invited me to join his journey to FRIM, I didn’t hesitate. In fact I was delighted to travel with a fellow travel blogger. Before going to Kepong, we made a decision of taking the bus instead of commuting via KTM. We took a cab from Bukit Bintang to Central Station and waited long enough but apparently we were waiting in the wrong bus stop no wonder why there was no trace of Cityliner 94A bus. We walked to the next bus stop as the taxi driver instructed. We allotted 10 minutes to wait but there was no 94A either. We then decided to take the train instead.

Robbie || the travelling dork

From KL Sentral we took the KTM Komuter to Kepong Station. The train stopped at Putra Station and we thought we were in Kepong already. When we asked the guard to confirm if we were in Kepong, he said “NO”. We panic! We then realized we were in Putra Station and we need to take the train again. We were excited to get into another train only to recognize we were in a train going to Batu Caves! We immediately forced ourselves to get out of the train before the engine starts. Haha. We then sit there waiting for the correct train to arrive. While waiting, Robbie and I had a great conversation. It was my second time to travel with a traveler. It felt good despite of getting lost. Finally the train to Rawang arrived and finally we reached our destination. We were hungry but no idea where to eat. Thanks to a guy who told us that there was a nearby food stalls. We walked and found a place to eat. We had our lunch at Kedai Makanan Heon Kee Roast Duck . We had a hard time getting a cab and realized how much time we lost. Good thing there was one metered taxi parking in front of Kedai Makanan. The driver dropped us at FRIM.

Photo by Robbie of The Travelling Dork

500 m to canopy

This Photo was captured by Robbie of

Entrance to Frim is 5 MYR for Foreigners and 1 MYR for Malaysian Citizens with IC. After paying, we marched to zone D and headed to one stop center/Souvernir Shop to register and purchase 10 MYR ticket to Canopy. We didn’t expect that in order to get into the Canopy walk, one must take the 900 meters hike along the rover track until one reaches the open space/clearing, one should take the 500 meters Canopy trail to the entrance Hut. At the entrance hut, a westerner guy complained that there were some people overtaking the line. He kept on ranting that the line is not organized. He asked us if we can join their group so that we can go next in line. A maximum of 5 persons are allowed on the platforms. We took the stairs to the Hut and we showed our tickets before proceeding to the canopy walk. The healthy trees supported the canopy. One should keep the distance of 3 meters between individuals while walking on the tree tops. The trees are strong enough to support the ropes and ladders. The panoramic view of the forest was soothing.

With Robx # canopy Walk

Robbie of

Photo Credits to Robx 🙂

After completing the 50 meters nature walk at the canopy, one must take the 500 meters waterfall trail. We got lost in the middle of nowhere. We were worried because there were no other people trekking. Luckily, a guy appeared in the woods and provided us the right way until we reach the picnic area. We were so exhausted that we took a cab back to Bukit Bintang. We never had the chance to see the Crown Shyness because it was too late and the charge is 80 ringgit. The cost is expensive and a professional guide is required to get there. There was no time for me to tour Robbie to Putrajaya because it was his last day in KL. We went to Richmond Hotel where I met Mica of Senyorita and Edgar of Eazytraveler. Our frim adventure was tiring but the canopy experience was nice.

Fresh Water

Frim 🙂

Camp site

Waterfall trail

How to get there?

By Train:

Take the KTM from KL Sentral to Kepong Station. From Kepong, there are no PUV’s to Frim. One must take a taxi to Frim.

By Bus:

From Central Market Bus stop, take the cityliner 94A bus directly to Frim.

Essentials: bottled water, Face towel, extra T-shirt, sport shoes, camera, mosquito repellant maybe and Hat.

– Make sure to get your Map and purchase the ticket from the one stop center before trekking. Visitors without tickets will not be accepted on the Canopy walkway.
– Do not shake, run or jump on the walkway. Follow the rules & regulations provided by FRIM
– Frim operates only from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM except Mondays and Fridays and is subject to weather conditions
– Registration is accepted only before 1:30 PM.
– If you want to see the Crown of Shyness Phenomenon. Make it early and prepare 80 Ringgit.
– For group of 10 persons or more, reservations is recommended at Frim’s One stop center or Call them at +603-62797575 or email at
– there are fresh waters at Frim to refill your bottles.
– Lastly, Prepare yourself to hike!

Forest Research Institue Malaysia (FRIM)
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Malaysia
52109 Kepong, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Contact Number: +603-6279 7000
Fax Number: +603-6273 1314

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  • Pagoda Tragedy ang araw na to teh!!!! Buti na lang talaga kasama kita kundi mag-isa akong umiiyak sa may batis. Hahahaha. Andami nating naging blunders pero keri lang dahil okay naman yung canopy walk kahit na ang daming tao, nakasingit pa tayo. Wahahaha!

    Pahingi din ako ng pics teh! 🙂

    • Riz

      hahaha. lurkey lng ung eksena sa Batis! Teeehhh sana madami pa tau adventures at sana nareceive mo ung mga photos! sorry noob lng sa sendspace haha!

      • Antonio Magno Carranza Jr

        sandali—diko mahanap sa post.ilang minutes to by train from Bukit bintang area? yan ang maganda sa KL,just a short distance from city center me masusukal na gubat na.never heard of this before so perstaym ko narinig sa blog di kayo na!!!! nyahaha

  • Moments like those which make you climb up a tree and walk through its leaves and branches gives one a better bird’s eyeview of the world so to speak. Great you did enjoy your KL jaunt with Robbie and the rest. As for me, I still have to muster enough courage to climb up again and do the canopy walk.


    • Riz

      It was an adventure that i will cherish forever. Robbie and I had fun. relaxing ung mga trees at exercise na din ung pag akyat. hehe. Sana makasama ako sa pag akyat mo doc. Thanks for dropping by Doc Wends! 🙂

      • Journeys and Travels

        That awesome Riz. The last time kasi I was in KL in 2008, never even had explored those must-see sites outside of KL and even to some extent, within the city.

        Sure, i hope to see you on the road Riz.

        Cheers and Happy travels

  • i love adventures… soon, sana ma-try ko itong canopy walk na ‘to… kaso ang layo, Malaysia pala… hihihi! 🙂

    • Riz

      Honga, punta ka na d2 Mervs! 🙂 Pag napadpad ka d2 let me know. 🙂

  • What a Cool Place – thanks for sharing – loving your photos:)

    • Riz

      Thanks 🙂 appreciate it. 🙂

  • Kelan lang to Riz? Sayang nakasama sana kami hehehe. Nasa KL lang nama kami. We’ll visit this on weekend. 🙂 do you have any plans in Hari Raya?

    • Riz

      Nung June ata. 😀 honga pla nasa KL pla kau… next time plano tau ng lakad 😀 Baka mag Melaka ako sa Hari Raya. How bout u? 🙂

  • Love 2 Type

    great pictures…

  • renxkyoko

    Great post, great pics ! I hope I can do that in the future.


  • buti nakarating pa rin kayo sa gusto nyo puntahan kahit andaming biglang “sidetrips”. hahaha. sana when i get there hindi ako mawala. hahaha

  • Subhan Zein

    Hi Riz

    I have been enjoying your wonderful photographies. You have done a good job, so well done. Keep sharing those images with us and keep inspiring! 🙂

    I would like to thank you for following my blog. I hope my blog doesn’t disappoint you and that your visits in my blog have been and will always be a joyful ride.

    Thank you again and I wish you a lovely day! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

  • gelaikuting

    Ganda… great pics sis! I’d love to try canopy walk someday. I miss camping 🙁

  • toemailer

    We would love to post the pic of them on the bridge at toemail if you do not mind?

  • Hahaha naalala ko yung kwento nyo about this Pagoda Wave Lotion trip LOL. Hay kamiss Malaysia, truly asia!

  • Dami mga mishap ninyo. It’s these unexpected delights that make trips more interesting 😀

  • Israel T. Lawson

    The park’s canopy walkway is one of the main attractions here. This canopy is suspended 30m from the ground and spans over 200m.Make sure that you purchase tickets for the canopy walk at the main office before you get up to the canopy otherwise you can’t go across it.Be aware that it is a fairly tough physical walk to where the canopy walk begins so make sure that you are quite fit before you undertake this. The walk is basically suspended aluminium ladders with planks on top and wobbles entertainingly between the soild stations. Great views to KL. People walk slowly, so on busy days, though the hike up and back is not crowded, you may need to wait as much as an hour before you get to walk. Water and snacks recommended. Drink cans sold but only at the front of the queue.

  • ariannaeliselevy

    This looks like a blast!! Thank you for the post. =)