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Sightseeing in Putrajaya, Malaysia

The new federal government looks sophisticated to me. Putrajaya is love. The exquisite glossy pink Mosque floats grandly in the Putrajaya Lake. It was murky but it didn’t feel depressing in fact, I find it relaxing. Discovering the natural and man-made beauty of Putrajaya is really marvelous. Cruise Tasik offers cruise package to travel around Putrajaya. Abang (older brother in Malay) said it’s the best way to see and experience Putrajaya. I didn’t try it. Being there is quite enough for me. The beauty of the Prime Minister’s office caught my attention. It looks wow. Perdana Putra as what they call it stands out majestically in the heart of Putrajaya. I adore the structure so much. Its dramatic composition is beautiful day or night.

The Office of the Prime Minister

Overlooking 😉

The Mosque. Masjid Putra

Moi at Perdana Putra

hmmmm.. Looks nice

Strolling along the boulevard with overlooking to Putra Bridge was peaceful. I found a secret passage downstairs and there were few restaurants inside Selera Putra (food Court), a bit pricey compare to the other Selera Laman Perdana beside the Prime Minister’s office or near the bus stop. Lucky me I stumbled in Roti Canai and Ala Carte Stall where I ordered Nazi Goreng Thai for only five Ringgit. I had a great time in Putrajaya. Best place to stroll. Unluckily Perdana Putra Building was closed when I visited.

Not too far from the Mosque area, there is a shopping mall called Alamanda where you can buy cheap chocolates for souvenirs. One should take BUS 500 to get to the mall. Amazingly, the Bus 500’s route is perfect. It was like as if I had a City Tour and the Fare is 50 RM Cents. The Putra Bridge looks stunning during the night. It changes its color and it’s very pleasing to the eyes. Truly, the place may not be as adventurous as it can be but it will surely feed your soul for the day.

Malaysia’s 14 states Flag

The Putra Bridge

Muslim Family. So sweet!


How to get there?

If you’re coming from Kuala Lumpur: Take the Express Rail Link train from KL’s Sentral to Putrajaya Sentral and catch Busses 100, 200 or 500.

If your entry and jump off point is Cyberjaya, Take a U429 Bus to Putrajaya Sentral and catch Busses 100, 200 or 500.

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  • Angela F. Lucas

    Ang ganda namannnnn! Gusto ko talagang bumalik jan.

    • Riz

      Balik ka Angela at gala tau! miss u fren!!

  • apol

    miga kanami!

    • Riz

      Thanks Miga..

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  • rob

    .. i had a chance to visit putrajaya too last year when i went to malaysia. that pink mosque is so grand! they allow visitors to take pictures even inside, too bad i lost all my photos of my malaysia trip including the ones of putrajaya before i was able to post it in my blog.

    • Riz

      Cool! Never went inside the mosque cause i was wearing shorts.. Too bad I missed that!