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Youth Tourism Fair 2012 in Putrajaya, Malaysia

Last night I had an intense drink with my friends. It was my birthday. Time runs fast and I didn’t realize I’m getting old. Waking up feeling like a bag of hot garbage didn’t stop me to explore Putrajaya. This time I was with friends. We only have one goal: to have a relaxing day at the Putrajaya Bridge then we heard like there was an event going on at Presint 2. Our soothing moment turned out to be one of the best days in Putrajaya. How lucky we were to experience “Himpunan Jutaan Belia”. Prue drove us to the main event. Millions of youth we’re invited to this event. Apparently, I can’t tell if there were really Millions of people attended to this event but there were a lot of people! This was held last May 23-27. It was a week of cheap shopping, low-priced fare and tour packages, dance contest, sports and games challenge, gadgets sale, Cultural Dance Presentations, street foods and more!

Putra Bridge

Our Sexy Driver 🙂 Pruella! 🙂

Handmade for you! 🙂

Some Dance Presentations

Shop ’till you drop!


I love Clowns! 🙂

Drum Beaters! 🙂

The best thing I love about the event was the rice design mania. Colored rice was available to make your own drawings or even write your names on the floor. We had no idea what was that for, what’s its purpose. When the lady approached us and gave us a pack of colored rice we immediately wrote our names. It was nice and they provided freebies. Chocolates, drinks, candies, bread etc. We walk around the whole stalls and along the way clowns greeted us like we were kids. There were also cosplays and tons of stages wherein different presentations were performed. It was really fun to experience an event like YTF.

Rice Designs. 🙂

Lovin’ Freebies!

Muslim’s Holy Book.

Prue: The search for clothes is ON!

Istana Kehakiman

Mar!! 🙂

Mar and the Mascot.

The Malaysia Truly Asia Challenge!

Hangover was gone. We enjoyed the event so much. Too bad, Prue left early because he had work that time. Mar and I stayed there until 22:00. We had a great time bargaining and exploring the booth. We know we can’t leave without buying something. We bought perfumes and wallets at a discounted price.

Me and Mar at the park 🙂

Get a Tattoo! 🙂

After the long walks and bartering, we had our dinner at Selera Putra and Ate Nazi Goreng Pattaya this time. Mar and I were exhausted but we had an amazing time at Presint 2. We were so happy we were able to witness the YTF. Putrajaya can be surprising. It can be serene and busy at the same time. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Putrajaya is ♥!

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