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Tarlac – Isdaan Invasion

It was 5:00 AM after the Halloween Ball at Club Bureau, we don’t know where else to go, we weren’t sleepy or drunk. I told my friends that I’ve always wanted to go to Isdaan Restaurant . It was my friend Dwight who told me about the place so we decided to go there without any idea how to get there. Too bad, Dwight wasn’t there. He could have known the directions. Isdaan is one cool restaurant that you wouldn’t think it exist in Tarlac. The name Isdaan means “fishery”. You can see the giant statues of fishes all over the place. What makes the place likeable for me is the big buddhas like you’re in Thailand! The food was awesome too!!

We arrived around 8:00 AM. 🙂

Eating time XD

Here’s a fun fact, they have a Kilo San Bridge challenge wherein you will cross the bridge back and forth while bringing a pale of water, if you surpass the challenge they will give you 1 kilo of fish of any choice like Tilapia, hito or the like plus you get the chance to select if you want it fried, grilled or anything.

I admit the challenge was a really exciting! I crossed the five consecutive shell hurdles. I was flabbergasted with the monkey spitting water, the pressure of the stream was hasty but that doesn’t stop me from crossing the bridge! I don’t care if I will fall, I have extra suit. 😛 The Pale of water doesn’t bother me either, I used to carry bigger one’s in Bacolod. XD. I was able to beat the challenge. Horay for 1 kilo of fishes!

The San Kilo Bridge Challenge!! 🙂 This is the surprising part, Monkey spitting !haha!!!

Another part where there is another Buddha!! 🙂

Tacsyapo Time! This is one thing you will never miss when going to Isdaan. Tacsyapo means shame on you. You can throw plates against the wall. This is one way to release your anger, stress, madness with a cost ranging from PHP 15 and up.

Sipsip, taksil, fling lover and much more!! 😛

So cutee!! So native..Our lovely drinks. 🙂

At the back, We found a tractor. Go Team Farmville!!

Somewhere near the Koi fishes, there’s a stair to go up and check the buddha. There is a saying there that you will Hold the right hand of the buddha as you wish and then ring the bell joyously your dreams will come true. 🙂

Hold the right hand and wish!! 😛

Ring the bell joyously!!

It was such a great adventure! XD If you like Native or Traditional Filipino food with dishes served in Banana leaves, rice served in a small Kaldero. This is a place for you! 🙂

How to get there?
Take any bus that goes up north – – – Baguio, La Union, Laoag, Pangasinan. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Palaisdaan. Better yet, sit at the left side of the bus and look to your left as soon as you hit Gerona.

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