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A Quick Guide to Visiting Manjuyod Sandbar aka The Maldives of the Philippines

Manjuyod Sandbar Maldives of the philippines

Manjuyod Sandbar is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines with an absolutely long stretch of a sandbar. I have a love affair with Sandbars, and Manjuyod is definitely on top of my lists. It’s funny how I didn’t know this in my 22 years of living in Bacolod, a 4-hour drive away to Bais, the gateway to Manjuyod. Ha! What a shame that I felt like a total stranger in my hometown – Negros!  

Sunrise in manjuyod sandbar Bais

Sunrise in manjuyod sandbar Bais city

Manjuyod Sandbar

I was very intrigued that Manjuyod is dubbed as the Maldives of the Philippines and my curiosity led me to visit the Island with my high school friends. It certainly has the Maldives vibe, and the good thing about it is that it is budget friendly! Half day or day tour depending on your choice is really doable. 

Weather is the key here. High and low tide needs to be considered when visiting. We were able to catch the sunrise and a little bit of sandbar but I did not like it probably due to the gloomy weather and the high tide is about to overlap the sandbar. 

Manjuyod Sandbar high tide Bais

Manjuyod sandbar gone

manjuyod sandbar high tide

Manjuyod sandbar sea urchin coconut

I also don’t think that the sand is white too, probably a bit yellow – brownish! That’s why the high tide wasn’t a let down too because the water is so goddamn blue! So many people get disappointed when it’s high tide because the sandbar is not visible, but to my experience, it’s much better! I find it so cool to see the local vendors selling coconuts, wild oysters, seashells, Sea Urchins and whatnot. I enjoyed the wild oysters so much especially when I get my hands dirty to dip into a local vinegar. We call it Sinamak. I love it so much probably because I grew up tasting it in almost every food in my hometown. I didn’t feel being ripped off too with the prices maybe because I speak the local language. 

highschool friends manjuyod sandbar

Manjuyod White Sandbar Bais


I highly suggest planning your trip to Manjuyod. Check the weather condition first. I recommend visiting during the summer. (I visited Early May)

Manjuyod Day Tour Itinerary (From Bacolod)

        05:00 AM ETA from Bacolod to Bais or (Dumaguete to Bais [1 hour Ceres bus ride] )
        05:30 AM Bais City Proper to Bais Port
        06:00 AM Start of the tour: Catch the Sunrise
        07:00 AM Dolphin watching, Mangrove Forest, and Manjuyod Sandbar
        11:00 AM Swimming
       12:00 NN Try Wild Oysters / Sea Urchin
       12:30 PM End of Boat Tour
       1:00 PM Lunch @ Rose Eatery (Luna St)
       2:00 PM Start of Trike Tour
       3:00 PM Bais City Tour: Mojon Chapel, Central Azucarera De Bais, Presidencia de Bais
       5:00 PM End of Tour in Bais
       6:00 PM ETD  From Bais to Bacolod or Dumaguete (We opted to stay in Dumaguete)


      380.00 Php Bus from Bacolod City to Bais City
      400.00 Php Trike Rental + Bais City Tour
      3000.00 Php Boat Rental + Tour (We were 6, but the boat can accommodate up to 20 pax)
      186.00 Php Lunch @ Rose Eatery (Luna St)
      300.00 Php Wild Oysters per Bucket
      100.00 Php Coconut for 3 Pax
      49.00 Php Ceres Bus from Bais to Dumaguete
       4420.17 Php Total Expenses


Bais City Tour

Azucarera de Bais

Mojon Chapel bais


How to get there?

  • Take a flight to Dumaguete City. From Dumaguete take a Ceres bus to Bais City approximately about 1 hour travel time. From Bais, take the trike to Capinahan Wharf for about 15 mins.
  • If you are coming from Bacolod City, Take the Night bus from Ceres South Terminal directly to Bais City. Travel time is 4 hours. From Bais City, the port is about 15 minutes via tricycle and the price is normally 100 Php. Please note that the last trip from Bacolod to Bais is 1:00 AM.


  • The island is located in Manjuyod province, however, the start off point is in Bais City
  • Include Dolphin watching on your boat tour
  • Go early in the morning to experience the sandbar. Highly recommend checking low-high tide forecast.
  • According to the locals, the low tide usually is early in the morning and around 2 PM.
  • Try the wild oyster, it’s delicious!
  • There are no restaurants on the island, only local vendors selling wild oysters, coconut, etc. Best to bring your own food.
  • You may book @ Bais Tourism Office in advance or you may contact Trike/Boat Rental: Raymond Rebuya @ 09353651987
  • Try the local Lechon @ Rose Eatery in Luna St. near the Bais Hospital
  • There are only 3 over the water cottages for accommodation. Do not expect this to have 5 star service though.
  • Cottage rental is also possible, Daytime use cost: 3000Php (8:00 Am – 5:00 Pm)
  • Overnight charge would be: 4000 Php (6:00 Pm – 7:00 Am)
  • 24 hour rental Price: 6000Php (8:00 Am – 7:00 Am)
  • Do not expect a white sandbar, yet guaranteed that the water is really blue
  • Dolphin watching is not that spectacular, but you can still try this. It’s part of the tour anyway.
  • If you only plan to explore Manjuyod on a half day tour, You may also consider exploring Bais City.
  • Visit Mojon Church, A beautiful vintage church overlooked by many
  • Lastly, Do not forget to bring sunscreen, hats, sunglasses. Have fun in Manjuyod!

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