The ultimate spelunking challenge at Kulapnit Cave, Caramoan

Although Caramoan’s wildest waves terrified us during our island hopping tour, our spelunking experience in Kulapnit (Culapnit) Cave was undeniably rewarding. Few years ago the Cave was closed due to ownership concern and now tourism in Caramoan boost, a side trip to an old bat sanctuary in Kulapnit Cave is certainly not to be missed. Riding in Habal Habal, crossing the river and walking in the fields to reach the entrance of the cave was thrilling. With professional guides one can marvel not just the amazing stalagmites in the cave but as well as the challenges to every channels of the cave. Spelunking in Culapnit was really unbelievable. I can’t believe I fit in the small tunnel otherwise I’m going to dig the sand so I can push myself to the tunnel. Our guide mentioned that sometimes there is running water in the channel, in our case it’s just pure sand. It would have been more exciting if there is running water. The kerosene lamp looks disturbing as it flickered most of the time. We encountered darkness most of the time due to the lamp acting weird. There were still bats inside the cavern. One can hear them and experience the untouched beauty of the cave. There were impressive rocks and stalagmites inside the cavern.

Crossing the river

Spotted: tree house

The Carabao

We explored every part of the cave, from wide channels to extremely tight holes. I admire some friends who can cross the passage easily. I realized being slender is really an advantage. Focusing on some areas where one really needs to move their heads to one side to get through. The cave is just not physically challenging but I can say mentally as well. The pace is not a walk in the park type but we moved slowly and helping one another to crossover. I can tell that we had an amazing teamwork.

Waiting for the next instructions

Interesting passage

Our group

Exploring the cave is just like having an exercise. Getting wet, dirty and thirsty is part of the challenge. The areas where one need to reach looks crazy and enormous but still safe and doable. The only thing I wish I had during that time is a led headlamp or perhaps even a simple flashlight. I blame myself for not being a girl scout but even though the lamp gave us a hard time coping with the darkness, we all managed to scramble through different kinds of passages and that’s all that matters. Crawling was the best part though. Entering the cave fresh and clean and leaving muddy with dirt all over our clothes was fulfilling.

Inside the Cave

One of our tour guides.

Kalupnit Cave is worth every bruise. If you are planning a trip to Caramoan and if you don’t mind getting wet and dirty, you might as well prepare a cave exploration at Kalupnit Cave.

Essentials: Flashlights,headlamps, water, plastic bin, camera.

How did we get to Kapunit Cave?

From Caramoan Town Proper, we took the motorbike to Kalupnit. You will need to pass a river and walk to the field. Our trip was part of the Caramoan Package Tour that we got from Jojo Villareal. Contact #: +63198006299 / +639189595868 or email: