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Coron – My New Addiction!

Mere words can’t just describe how wonderful coron is. I dropped my jaw to the majestic and enchanting Islands of Coron. I’ve never seen such a paradise! Coron Island is a part of the Calamianes group of islands in Philippine frontier of Northern Palawan, it’s stunning limestone cliffs, world-class wreck diving, breathtaking lagoons and lakes and the beautiful white sand beaches will never fail you I guarantee that.

To start it off, our original destination was supposedly El Nido however the only plane that flies to El Nido is Seair and it is really expensive, we thought about Puerto Princesa – El Nido or Superferry from Manila – El Nido but we only have limited time. We were really disappointed that we can’t go to El Nido. Plans changed to Coron and it was indeed amazing! There are two airlines that flies to Busuanga, Seair and Asian’s Spirit. Thank God Asian Spirit is way cheaper compare to Seair. We got our two way ticket for only PHP1200.

It was our first Asian Spirit Experience. It was too hot in there. It’s pretty loud inside because of the jet engines. The aircraft noise was irritating to my ears. Lol. Nevertheless, It was okay-ish despite the oh so little turbulance.

Asian Spirit – We fly as an Asian, We arrived as a Spirit. Lol *Pun intended*

We arrived at Busuanga Airport just in time. No delays whatsoever. We all have our baggages except for Malen’s Trolley. We informed the Airline Staff that there’s no baggages left in the area anymore but we are still waiting for one suitcase. Oh my Gawd! The Staff checked the airline and Malen’s luggage was left there. Haha! It was really crazy, I saw Malen’s worried face considering the thought the the plane was about to go back to Manila and knowing that Asian Spirit only flies to Busuanga MWF!

*Happy Faces. Ready to explore Coron!*

At the airport we took the jeepney transfer from Airport to the town of Coron. The travel time was approximately 45 mins – 1 hour and it cost us PHP150 per person. Along the way we watched cows, sheeps and goats roaming on the wind rippled grasses in the hot sun. We thought we were in New Zealand! Lol

What a scenery πŸ™‚

Alas! We checked in at Seadive Resort, We were greeted by their friendly staff. My first impression of Seadive is really cool! It may seem like a floating boat at first glance but it was goddamn clean and I like it there. Period.

Seadive Bar. Some Artifacts display.

This was our room. We were ready to hike Mt. Tapyas

We got the Deluxe Room for 960 Per Night, since we can’t fit into two beds, we added two extra matress for Taboy and Chad. We headed right away to Mt Tapyas, I’m not really into trekking but I realized I will only do this in Coron once in my life so why not take the chance. It was 4:30 PM, a good time to trek really. I cant remember how many steps to take to get to the top. I didn’t count it but be prepared to get exhausted. haha! The scenic view was worth the sweat and all.

Trekking Mt Tapyas. Make sure you bring lotsa water and energy. Breathtaking view..

After the tiring yet fun filled trekking at Mt. Tapyas. We found ourselves relaxing in Maquinit Hot Spring. Oh men, that was one enjoyable activity I ever done. Less anxiety. :))

Mt Tapyas!!!!! way to go!!!!

Mt Tapyas.

Oh well, we went back to the resort and slept. I was excited for our 2nd day. The Island Hopping Day!

How to get there?

*Asian Spirit flies 3 times per week. MWF
*WG&A Superferry: (63.2) 528-7000
*Public transfers are 45 minutes by Jeepney cost P150 per person

Boat from Coron – EL Nido and Vice Versa:
The boats departs Coron daily at 8:00 from the Seadive Resort Pier.
Shipping Lines: Jessabel
For inquiries you may Text Roma @ Seadive: 09209458714

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  • I love Coron too, cannot wait for a trip back there.