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Platform 1094: The Harry Potter Themed Café in Singapore

Platform 1094 Harry potter cafe in Singapore
Tracking down Harry Potter inspired café Platform 1094 on my recent trip to Singapore was like making magic potions at Professor Snape’s class. You can clearly say that I am a Harry Potter fan by hunting this magic-inspired café in Serangoon. All in the hope to find the vibe of a wizarding world of Hogsmeade! The café is small, but the ambiance looks cozy, warm and with the woody home atmosphere. The café is dominated by the chairs with deer designs and a candle tree chandelier that evidently is not as grand as with the great hall in the Hogwarts castle, but it totally brings a magical feel!
I was spell bounded by the Harry Potter’s props replica like Magic stick wands that comes in different sizes and neutral colors, table top pillar candles, book of spells, sorting hat and conical crown witch hats of all four houses, sorcerer’s stone travel suitcase, Potter glasses, Hogwarts uniform, golden goblet and snitch, Hedwig on a cage, and even food and beverage that is bound to satisfy one’s magical cravings.  
Platform 1094 serangoon singapore harry potter cafe
Harry potter props
Plaform 1094 Serangoon
 Speaking of drinks, looking at the blue drink on the glass mug made me ponder that this is what I came for. The Mr. Lich’s flaming brew, formerly called the Goblet of fire is the café’s signature cocktail. The drink is a mixture of blue Curacao, Lime juice and Bacardi Rum. Like a clever muggle, I sprinkled the cinnamon powder into the blue concoction and voila… golden sparkling mystic fire! Now that sounds like a true wizard striking potion inherited from the half-blood prince himself. It could’ve been magical, I mean the whole fake potion thing was really mind blowing, but the taste was awful, probably because I am not a fan of cinnamon and lime mishmash.
Platform 1094 Singapore
Snitch cake
Chocolate Gateau
Platform 1094 deer
 I was glad that Aileen ordered Mrs. Lich’s that we get to share everything or else, I am doomed to be forever stuck of tasting the appalling Goblet of fire! I preferred Mrs. Lich’s Butterscotch Ale, the taste was absolutely luscious! They did a pretty great job with the fusion of a thick butterscotch foam milk and a sharp flavoured soda cream topped with candy sprinkles. Both of these drinks were labelled as the platform’s secret recipe and I am not quite entirely sure what the ingredients were. All I knew is that Mrs. Lich’s butterscotch is remarkably tasty!
Platform 1094 Harry potter cafe singapore
Spell book cake
Mrs. Lich’s Butterscotch Ale
platform 1094 Singapore harry potter inspired cafe
 I was up for some sweet tooth cravings. The Sweet treats of the Wizardry World is a Chocolate Gateau that comes in a shape of a spell book and a chocolate wand on top of it. Handcrafted artisan delicacy from the magical universe. It was too exquisite to even slightly ruin the presentation with my fork. The taste was just perfect, light and not too sugary.
Aileen picked the chocolate round cake with an edible golden snitch on it. It was well-presented inside a glass dome. I took few bites, but I hardly remembered what it taste like. I was too busy indulging into my spell book cake!
Now, let me handle you over Belatrix Lestrange Broomstick so you can fly all the way to Singapore!

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