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Primo Piazza Khao Yai – The Little Italy of Thailand

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Primo Piazza Khao Yai or the Little Italy of Thailand is a  picturesque inspired Tuscan Village situated in Pak Chong. It is absolutely a great day trip from Bangkok and a side trip to Khao Yai National Park.  Primo Piazza is becoming famous now for both locals and tourists wanting to explore the quaint little town.

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My curiosity made me visit Primo Piazza last year. The Italian style architecture is set dramatically in a lush and greenery Khao Yai that brings a Tuscan atmosphere. Aside from the Italy feels, Primo Piazza lure visitors  with vintage style souvenir shops and cafes, Thai fusion and western cuisine  restaurants, a Wine Bar, a two-storey Hotel with a cool restaurant, a barn  where you can feed sheep, alpaca, and donkeys, and a live music in the fountain area every night.

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What to Expect in Primo Piazza?

– The only drawback is that there is no public transport that will take you to Primo Piazza. It would be better to bring your own car, rent a car or motorcycle if you’re feeling adventurous. Unfortunately, there is no uber/grab a car yet. Let’s all hope that there will be such thing in the future.

– Entrance fee of 100 Baht

– Great Photo Ops. It is likely that Primo Piazza is created for the Instagram era

– If you are looking for something adventurous, this might not be a place for you due to its Limited activities.

– Overpriced Souvenirs, I would recommend Palio Village, an Italian-inspired shopping center in Khao Yai.

Little Italy in Thailand. #primopiazza #pakchong #khaoyai #thailand #lamyerda

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Tips on how to absolutely crush Primo Piazza so you don’t feel like you are being ripped off on your visit.

– There is a secret tower near the fountain area. Take the stairs and enjoy a panoramic view of the village
– There is a beautiful Farm with a mountain backdrop where you can feed sheep, donkeys, and Llama. It’s fun!
– Bicycles! You can explore Primo Piazza as your bike takes you to Tuscan- village-like
– Must try: Japanese Crepe and Gelato Style Ice cream
– For Coffee Lovers, A Cafe Latte at Primo Cafe will surely kick off your day
– Every angle is beautiful. Take lots of Photos. Primo Piazza is great for photographer wannabe.

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How to go to Primo Piazza?

Take the bus from Mo Chit North Bus Terminal to Pak Chong, it’s the nearest town to Khao Yai. The travel time would approximately take about 3 hours. The fare is 104 Baht as of November 2016. From Pak Chong you have to take a cab to Primo Piazza.

Thought you might be interested in renting a car with a driver that will take you around the attractions of Khao Yai.

Driver Name: Nut
Contact#: 084-920-4591
Don’t forget to bring your haggling skills and negotiation tactics!


Primo Piazza is surely a very unusual place to visit in Thailand, but it will surely leave you breathless and create more great memories with friends and family.

Who knew there is a little Italy in Thailand? Come and see for yourself!

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