The Netherlands

Zaanse Schans: Windmills, Chocolates and Dutch Costume in a lovely little town in Holland

Zaanse Schans windmill village in dutch town holland

Zaanse Schans is the Holland I was looking for! Windmills, cheese, chocolates, wooden houses, Dutch costume, and a historically bucolic countryside!

After the rainy days in France and the chill winds of Belgium, we were delighted that Holland gave us a warm sunny weather! And I was all fired up to know that Zaanse Schans is just less than an hour away from Amsterdam.

Donna and I took the bus to this picturesque windmill village. And guess what the first thing we did..wear the Dutch costume! We hilariously looked so classic wearing the traditional Dutch dress and the clogs made me feel how it was like to live in a village dating back to 1850s.

Zaanse Schans Windmill Village

Zaanse schans dutch costume

Zaanse Schans dutch village

Zaanse Schans Holland day trip

Zaanse Schans Amsterdam day trip

Beautiful windmills, farmlands, wonderful lake, and cute little cafes. Zaanse Schans is freaking photogenic! It is also impressive that the windmills are still functional! It’s like reviving the past back to life. It is touristy, yet, this quaint lovely town is so charming and romantic.


Zaanse Schans coffee

After having a go wearing, dancing, laughing and taking loads of photos with the Dutch-maid costume, we decided to take a seat at one of the little cafes and had our morning coffee while breathing-in and enjoying the lovely view of the town. We don’t see this kind of view on a daily basis and it was such a great morning walk.

Aside from walking around and joining organized walking tours, there is also a water cruise and bike-rental available to explore the village. It could get pretty busy, so it was a great idea for us to visit the village early in the morning when it’s quiet and so serene. So scenic and quintessential!

Morning coffee Zaanse Schans windmill village

Zaanse Schans dutch countryside


Zaanse schans cute windmill village

Zaanse Schans holland countryside

zaanse schans lake water cruise

There is so much to see in Holland. Despite having a short visit to the country, a quick day trip to Zaanse Schans from Amsterdam is one of my favorite day trips in Europe aside from Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic.

Zaanse Schans is so thrilling, I still remember how postcard perfect every angle was. Sometimes, touristic areas can be interesting especially if it looks like a page out of a fairytale book.

Zaanse Schans Farm

Zaanse schans windmill paradise

How to get to the Zaanse Schans?

There are two ways to get to the Zaanse Schans, By bus or Train. We did both! 

Take the Rnet-bus 391 from Amsterdam Central Station to Zaanse Schans. The trip would take you approximately about 40 minutes. The buses run every 15 minutes.

Cost: 5€ / person (One way)

Alternatively, you may take the train from Amsterdam Central Station to Zaandijk – Zaanse Schanse which is about 15-minute walk to the windmill village. Train travel would take you about 20 minutes.

Cost: 5.50€ / person (One way)

Additional Details:

Entrance to the actual Windmill: 4€

Dutch Costume: 10€

Coffee Zaanse Schans: 4.50€

Clog & Cheese Museum: Free