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Travel Guide: Legazpi City, Albay

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Albay is the world’s Famous Mayon Volcano. Now Bicol’s pride is not just the Majestic Mayon Volcano. They take pride with their authentic spicy foods, new establishments and hotels offers good quality accommodations and entertainment. I was in Legazpi City last month and a guy was about to light his cigar but a local stopped and informed him that they are reinforcing the smoking ban in the City. Albay is implementing the anti smoking regulations. Good thing I didn’t light my Cigar too, if I did I will pay 500 pesos or render an 8 hour community service. It’ll definitely screw my Albay vacation. One thing I love in Albay is their people. Bicolanos are friendly and very accommodating. Albay truly offers exciting explorations and adventures and I can’t wait to visit Albay again.

The Majestic Mayon Volcano

How to get there:

By Air:
The fastest and most convenient to get to Albay is by Air. Fly to Legazpi at approximately 45 minutes via Cebu Pacific, Airphil Express or PAL.

By Land:
Take a bus from Manila – Legazpi via Bus ie Cagsawa, Dltb, Penafrancia etc. Travel time is approximately 9 Hours. You may also take a PNR train to Central Naga Station then ride a van to Legazpi City.

By Sea:
If you’re coming from Leyte or Cebu, WG & A and Trans Asia shipping lines has trips to Legazpi Via Masbate Port. Travel time from Cebu is approximately 12 hours and 15 hours from Leyte.

Things to do in Albay:
– Visit the world’s Famous Mayon Volcano in Cagsawa Ruins.

– Climb up Lignon Hill Nature Park to have a closer look of Mayon Volcano and enjoy activities like zip line.

– Enjoy Kart Racing and Zip line in Embarcadero de Legazpi.

– Visit St. Raphael and Daraga Church

– Experience Misibis Bay in Cargraray Albay.

– Try Spelunking in Hoyop- Hopyapan Cave and Calabidongan Cave in Camalig

– Skimboarding in the Volcanic and black Sand Beaches of Sto Domingo

– Take a break and have a cup of coffee at La Mia Coffee and Tea in Albay or Embarcadero or Java Barista in LCC.

– Have Ice cold drinks at Howlin’ at the moon or Bar 101 in Bicchara during the night.

– Experience watching movie at Bicchara Theater. Only if you have time and in the mood of watching.

– Explore white sandy virgin beaches of Bacacay, Rapu-Rapu and San Miguel

– Visit the Ohlala Paradise Spring Resort in Guinobatan

– Witness the Ibalong Festival during October and Magayon Festival during April.

– Buy plants and Flowers at Jardine de Legazpi along Washington Drive.

– Check out the Liberty Bell, Japanese Tunnel, Albay Park and Wildlife

– Visit Legazpi Bus Terminal, Albay Pili nut Canday and Orgullo Kan Bicol for Souvenirs.

Where to eat in Albay:
– Try the Infamous Biggs and Graceland.

– Check out the Tago tago Restaurant to experience authentic Bicol foods.

– Dine in at 7 degrees near Daraga Church and enjoy the Spectacular View of the Mayon Volcano.

– Eat all you can breakfast in Quick and hearty in Rizal Street.

– Lutong Macau and Mr. Crab along Albay

– Try Waway’s Restaurant and Peking House along Penaranda St.

– Run off to Gaisano, Lcc Mall to check out some local and foreign fastfoods.

– Try Lana’s Halo Halo near Legazpi Market.

Halo Halo and Palabok @ Graceland. 🙂

Where to stay in Albay:
– Depending on your budget, Albay offers different kinds of accommodations. I recommend Sampaguita Tourist Inn for Backpackers. You may also check other Hotels like “The Oriental Legazpi, Casablanca Suites, La Piaza Hotel and Convention Center, Neuhaus Inn, Twilight Zone Hotel, Legazpi Tourist Inn, Tyche Boutique Hotel, Ellis Ecotel, Pinehurst Suites.

Piece of Advice:
– Check the weather Forecast before going to Cagsawa Ruins. Best time to visit Mayon is by 8am – 9 am. Wake up early to see Mayon at its best ‘cause most of the time she’s covered with clouds or she’s just typically shy.

– When visiting Oh lala Paradise Spring Resort, make sure to bring your food and beverage, there are no restaurants in the resort.

– I love Biggs’ baby back ribs and Graceland’s Halo Halo. You may try it out too.

– 7 Degrees Restaurant is romantic during the night. Beers are available too.

– If you’re on a tight budget check in to Sampaguita Tourist Inn. If you see the Warning: This building is a “fire” hazard. Don’t panic! I’ve stayed there a couple of times and nothing hazardous happened to me. None so far. 😛 *knock on the wood*

– I also love the Baby back ribs of Family Kitchenette. They used to have a stall in Gaisano Food Court but you can still visit they’re old resto at Bonot, Legazpi.

– If you want to surprise your loved ones by being thoughtful and sweet. Get a bouquet of roses or any flowers of your choice at Jardine de Legazpi. For discounts, message me, Maybe I can help.

– Lost? Ask the locals. They know better.

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