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7 Romantic Places in Malaysia

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. A lot of you now must be thinking of romantic ideas on how you can celebrate Valentines with your SO. Luckily for you, romantic spots in Malaysia are no secret. You can have candle-lit dinner with a dramatic cityscape as a view, check-in at honeymoon suite, have a sunset cruise, or spend a day or overnight at a tropical beach – the choice is yours!

langkawi pantai chenang


Here are some of the places in Malaysia that will surely knock you off your feet.

The Revolving Restaurant: Atmosphere 360

One of the most popular places for date nights, especially during Valentine’s Day, is the revolving restaurant on top of the Menara KL Tower. Atmosphere 360 takes diners on a 360 degree spin of breathtaking views of the city while having a splendid lunch or dinner buffet.

Atmosphere 360

It’s a unique dining experience lavish with International and Modern Authentic Malaysian cuisine, live piano performance and simply just enjoying the panoramic view of the city. This is a great way to treat your partner for a romantic dinner. Whether it’s a special dining on hearts day or perhaps just looking forward on an important moment for that matter, the Atmosphere 360 is a sure way to enjoy extraordinary dining experience, it’s a bit pricey but totally worth it. You’ll be able to make lovely memories here.

Malaysia’s Countryside: Cameron Highlands

Serene Cameron Highlands promise you with a cool ambiance, lush greenery, candlelight dinner, strawberries and scones to enjoy over a cup of Boh tea or just curl up and enjoy the warmth of a fireplace in one of those Tudor style houses.

If you’re feeling adventurous take a hike up to one of Cameron’s spectacular mossy forest and feel like Alice in wonderland. The misty forest is certainly rewarding and it’s almost spooky but with a magical vibe like in a fantasy movie or something.


The highest watering Hole: Marini’s on 57

A love toast at KL’s highest-level watering hole can’t go wrong. Marini’s on 57 is a stunning rooftop bar and restaurant with a close-up view of the iconic Petronas Towers. They take pride not just in their elegant dining scene and the magnificent view of the twin towers but as well but as well as their exquisite Italian cuisine and signature cocktails.

This is one of my personal favorites hang out in KL and despite seeing the Petronas Towers on a daily basis. Dine or drink at Marinis’ is always special.

French inspired Resort in Bukit Tinggi: Colmar Tropicale

Colmar Tropicale

Wander to the French themed resort on a mountaintop with an altitude of 2,700 feet above sea level and is only 45 minutes away from the hustle bustle of the city. Experience French countryside at this quaint little village called Colmar Tropicale. Stroll along the cobblestone streets and enjoy the scenic replica of a French classic medieval town. The colorful and flowery inspired Alsatian half-timbered house is almost like you are in a fairy tale world.

Tioman Island in East Coast Pahang

Tioman Island
Sitting on the sandy beach and watching the dramatic sunset while sipping a piña colada with your significant other is just perfect in one of Malaysia’s tropical paradise – Tioman Island. It’s also the home of rich marine life, rainforest and sandy beaches bordered by an azure sea. Know which side of Tioman you will be staying, most of the time you’ll feel like you have your own private little beach. Berjaya Resort and Japamala Resort are among the famous beach resorts that give comfort and luxury to its best.

Boat Cruise in Putrajaya

Putrajaya Cruise

A relaxing gondola-like vessel at Putrajaya Lake is a perfect way to spend a romantic day with someone special. Adore Putrajaya’s spectacular landmarks whilst on board. Surely your eyes will be feasted with the Putrajaya’s magnificent man-made lake, stunning bridges, lovely mosques, and state of the art buildings. Take this Cruise Tasik tour, be mesmerize by the beauty of the federal state while having a bottle of wine or just simply fulfill your day with bliss.

Langkawi – The Jewel of Kedah

langkawi skybridge

This lovebird’s paradise will take you to a whole new level of a romantic getaway. Take a sunset cruise, enjoy a relaxing day on a secluded beach at Tanjung Rhu, indulge in a fabulous range of fresh seafood, massage on the beach or be mesmerize by the beauty of Langkawi from the cable car.

With so many things to explore, don’t forget that Langkawi is a duty-free haven!

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