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Seven Wells: Where fairies used to bathe!

How much farther is it to the waterfalls? I murmured to myself while looking at the distance board. I sighed, 367 steps to go! I saw my friends struggling to the top. I stopped for a while, caught my breath and had cigarette break. I smoked a lot and gained too much weight. I was thinking these two could be the reasons why I am having such a hard time with trekking nowadays. I noticed some people taking a break or two along the way. I moved my ass off up the hill and my heart starts pounding fast again and I felt the sweat dripping off my face. I took a short break again. To be honest, the trail to the waterfalls wasn’t that hard. It is just me being lazy as usual, my weight and my smoking habit. “Bordz! Cmon, we’re almost there!” one of my friends shouted.

Macaque Monkey

Macaque Monkey

Seven Wells Waterfall - Telaga Tujuh

Seven Wells Waterfall – Telaga Tujuh

Sliding on the natural rock of Seven Wells

Sliding on the natural rock of Seven Wells

Ahhh Monkeys! I saw a lot of monkeys in Langkawi but wait, those monkeys were mating. I love how nature surprised me. I was about to take some shots but they stopped! They looked at me like “what the hell?” but the other looks shy. Sorry Monkeys for the interruption I just want to take paparazzi photos!

367 more steps to the waterfalls

367 more steps to the waterfalls

where Fairies used to bathe :)

where Fairies used to bathe ๐Ÿ™‚

Best in slide ang peg! :D

Best in slide ang peg! ๐Ÿ˜€

I stepped unto the rainforest and I heard people laughing and the sound of the waterfalls inviting me to take a dip! So this is it, the Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls which according to the folklore, Mountain Fairies used to bathe on the wells that gives healing effect on the body. I already saw my friends moving softly on the natural rock slide of the waterfalls.I dipped into the waters, it was cold and refreshing. If this was the reward for almost taking my breath literally during the trek. I don’t mind doing it over and over again. I wondered why it’s called Seven Wells and its pretty obvious, I counted the wells and indeed, there are seven wells! I have two favorite wells, the one where you will eventually splashed after sliding and the other is the jacuzzi like well at the very tip of the mountain. It looks crazy and scary as one wrong move will lead you to death. No wondered why there is a warning sign that the water current could be dangerous and for safety purposes they put a fence that blocks people away from going to the tip of the mountain.

View from nowhere :D

View from nowhere ๐Ÿ˜€

Lovin' the water :)

Lovin’ the water ๐Ÿ™‚

There were only few people. Friends loved sliding themselves on the water falls rock. For me sliding there must armed plenty of courage but for them it was just breeze! They wanted me to try and I wanted to but the water slide makes me feel daunted! It took me an hour to finally gave in to their demands! I realized when will I do crazy things like this? When my hair is white, my face etch with wrinkles, my teeth totally incomplete, my eyes dull, skin pale and my legs suffering from Rheumatism? So yeah, I did slide! I never slide on a waterfalls in my whole life until then and whoa, indescribable feeling! It was just a short slide but it was totally fulfilling! we were addicted to the slide! We stayed there for more than 3 hours. We spent the rest of the remaining time rejuvenating and soaking in the jacuzzi like
Well and basking under the hot sun.

More more slide :D

More more slide ๐Ÿ˜€

near the base.

near the base.

I loathe leaving but relaxation was over.Everyone knows that going down from the trail is the easiest part. I was amazed how nature played trick on me, first the monkeys sexcapade second glaring at the colorful toucan. The only Toucan I’ve seen in my entire stay in Langkawi. There were stores selling food, clothes and souvenirs at the base. We stopped for a while, grab a Pepsi Cola and braised sweet corn. I gasped when the boisterous monkey clutched the food of the western lady.

Say hello to your little friend! :)

Say hello to your little friend! ๐Ÿ™‚

My Favorite well! :)

My Favorite well! ๐Ÿ™‚

Toucan bird. :)

Toucan bird. ๐Ÿ™‚

For the record, Seven Wells is my favorite spot in Langkawi aside from the cable car. For me, it is not just an ordinary falls, its seven wells makes it more extraordinary. The view is spectacular that takes away stress and the slide part is rewarding! Still not convinced? Read what my friends say about Seven Wells.

Pola: Ive been living in Malaysia for 3 years but I have not seen such beautiful and relaxing place as this. Its worth the trek. I LOVE THIS PLACE!

Jasper: Seven Wells! It’s one of the best attractions in Langkawi. This place has it’s own trick to give you an awesome experience. After conquering over 300 steps uphill, it is very rewarding to swim and have some relaxation on top of the falls and dip your self in while savoring some awesome views.

James: A breathtaking paradise in the heart of a forest where you can enjoy the cool flowing water from the mountains. Indeed a true place of tranquility to visit!

Prue: The seven wells of Langkawi can be seen from afar if your on your way to the hanging bridge.. but trekking to the top by foot is a totally different experience…. ’twas exhausting for me that’s for sure… but once you reach the top it’s invigorating and dipping in it’s cold forest water will heal all the sores both body and soul…. I was even lucky to see a wild toucan or was it a canary on our way down…. it is just wonderful to see that in Langkawi these birds are still living in the wild along side humans… it’s a must try…

The Seven Wells!

The Seven Wells!

How to get there?

Seven wells is situated near the Langkawi Cable Car,will take you around 10-15 minutes by car. You can follow the signs going to Telaga Tujuh. There are no busses in langkawi. You can take taxi but it will cost you a lot! It is better if you rent a car, van or motorcycle and follow the Gps or the map (you can get it in Malaysia tourism office near Ferry terminal). Parking fee is RM 2.00 for van/cars and RM 1.00 for Motor Bikes.

What to expect?

– Prepare yourself for a 20 minute trek
– Bring plenty of mineral water
– There are shops, stores at the base.
– There is no entrance fee to the waterfalls
– Bring extra clothes
– watch out for Playful macaque Monkeys. Don’t bring any plastics they may grab them.
– Be careful with some parts could be slippery
– The current of the water has a potential to be dangerous so you better look out
– I am using Maxis and there is network signal
– Expect some rubbish
– There is a public toilet.

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