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Stairway to Hindu’s Temple: Batu Caves, Malaysia

Have you been to the Batu Caves? A Hindu Shrine situated 20-30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle city of KL. The Shrine is definitely worth a visit. The temple is accessible via Train, Bus or even Taxi. It was officially my one month of being an expat in Malaysia and I decided to go with my friends to explore KL. After completing all the necessary requirements for e-remit, I headed to Batu caves with a couple of friends. We forced ourselves to the crowd to get in the bus only to realize we hopped into a wrong vehicle never to mention the fight scenes of the robber and three guys inside the bus. We freaked out and we made a decision of getting a taxi. So then we took a cab to the Batu Caves instead of commuting via KTM commuter Train. Taxi Fare cost us RM15.00. Two words: Wrong move! The Train from Sentral Station to Sentul Station is just RM1.00. It was fair enough though considering I am not traveling alone. I have some people to divide the expenses. Perhaps if I am traveling solo, I’ll definitely consider the cheapest way to reach Batu Caves.

Lord Murugan

@ Batu Caves


We arrived at exactly 17 minutes. I was expecting tons of pigeons to welcome me but I’ve never seen one. My friend Lek told me they’re usually there early in the morning or during weekdays where only few people visits the temple. Nevertheless seeing the huge statue was amazing with its impressive limestone. It was my first time to visit a Hindu Temple and the small statues were incredible. We had a little snack at Amutha Restoran before heading to the stairs. To reach the Shrine, one must take 272 steps and several macaque monkeys can be seen. Here’s a little advice: don’t climb when your stomach is full and be careful with monkeys, they can be naughty and will snatch food. I can say Batu Caves is a bit tricky if you have big foot.

Amutha Restoran.

Me and Lek. Ready to Climb!

Small Hindu Statues

There were few Indian stalls inside, souvenir shops and temples around the main square. The Caverns were illuminated by the radiance coming from the holes of the ceiling. They say there is a dark cave below the temple where numerous of cave animals can be found however MNS is required or Malaysian Nature Society permission is needed to go down. I was impressed by the roof cave which looks like it was distorted having access to view the sky. The Hindu temples within the caves were pretty interesting. Batu Caves is a very remarkable place to visit when in KL. I would love to back to Batu Caves and witness Deepavali.

Friends @ Batu Caves

Lord Murugan

How to get there?

Via Train:

Take a KTM Commuter train from Sentral Station to Sentul Station. Travel time: 30 minutes. Fare is RM1.00 one way.

Via Bus:

Take bus 11 or 11d. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes depending on the traffic. Fare is 2.50 Ringgit.

Via Taxi:

Travel time is approximately 20 minutes. The fare is usually RM 15.00. There are taxi drivers who charge 25 and up. That’s unacceptable. Avoid these drivers haggling for fare. You may request for metered taxi. It may take time to find these good drivers but you’ll eventually get them. Patience is needed.

Essentials: Camera, bottle of water, wear something light, wear slippers, hat, sunglasses.

– Take the train, It’s cheaper
– Beware of monkeys. They attack and steal foods
– Pay respects, the Temple is holy.
– Visit Early in the morning to avoid the scorching heat and the crowd
– Thaipusam is celebrated during Feb. You may want to witness the religious event or avoid the crowd.
– Lastly, be ready to climb the 272 steps!

Batu Caves
Sri Subramaniam Temple
Kuala Lumpur 68100, Malaysia
Admission: FREE

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