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5 Reasons to Instantly Fall in Love with Jaipur

Rich heritage, interesting Culture, Stunning forts, huge palaces, magnificent Havelis, impressive architecture, mouth-watering exotic cuisines, exquisite handicrafts, enormous festivals, pristine lakes, and wild life safaris makes Jaipur, also known as the pink city of Rajasthan, a perfect destination for travelers. It is so hard not to fall in love with this beautiful city because Jaipur is the city that absolutely stands out the most!


Here are the 5 reasons to instantly fall in love with the Pink City of India!

Beautiful Attractions

People are drawn to Jaipur’s majestic structures, landmarks, grandiose forts, and Royal Indian Architectures. Nothing could ever be as spectacular as the Amber Fort which is positioned on a hilltop overlooking the lovely Maota Lake. Undoubtedly, Jaipur is an ideal place to fall in love with beautiful chateaus known as Havelis, feel like a royal king and queen admiring its majestic timeless beauty and have a magical experience at Trident Jaipur. Certainly, you won’t leave Jaipur without a visit to Sheesh Mahal, a Mirror Palace that will impress you with its thousands of small pieces of mirrors. A real marvel and a spectacular architecture delight. You will absolutely adore Hawa Mahal , a wondrous structure amidst congested market. Its pink exterior and red sandstone will leave you speechless.


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The choices to shop in Jaipur is endless. Enjoy shopping from Wide range of handicrafts, jewelleries, textile goods, traditional joothis, leather goods, wood and stone carvings, and cool bangles that does not go out of style! You won’t go wrong with visiting bazaar places in Jaipur with such cool Rajasthan Bohemian fashion. Whether you’re a shopaholic or just want to have a great shopping experience in the pink city of India, Jaipur shopping bazaars will definitely leave you smitten in no time.


The people of Jaipur have been welcoming visitors with regal respect, Chivalry and kindness for years and still continue to partake their colourful lives and win the hearts of their guests with their genuine smiles and consistently showing them the greatness and richness of their culture. People here dance and sing to the beat of music that depicts how lively they are and that drives tourists all over the world to be in touch, mingle and experience living a local way in Jaipur.



A Plethora of festivals in Rajasthan is celebrated every year where traditions and customs continues to touch the lives of people and share a deep meaningful event not just with the locals but as well as with tourists wanting to experience a vital typical Indian traditions that last for a lifetime. Festivals like Gangaur Festival, Teej festival, Kite Festival, Sitla Mata Fair, Donkey Festival, Kajli Teej Festival, Elephant festival, Diwali festival and Dusshera plays an important happening in the city of pink. Such Vibrant colours and delightful faces are what makes an attribute of festival celebrated in Jaipur.

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Traditional Rajasthan Food

No doubt, Rajasthan Cuisines is as rich as its culture. In this colourful capital, food is something to be hunt down which your palate will definitely enjoy. Lip Smacking Rajasthan Dal Baati that taste so magically delicious. A royal dining experience like being served like a king or queen while indulging a traditional Rajasthan thali on gaddis on floor is one of the things that you would absolutely love about dining in Jaipur. There are certainly a number of great restaurants that will knock your taste buds off with just trying out some oh so spicy dishes it will fantastically spice up your life. Dishes like Bejad ki roti, the Thaal-e-Jodha and Dal Bati Thali lovingly pleasant. Rushing to a nearest would be an understatement.

Truly Jaipur is one of the best Indian Cities to visit that will never fail you. Historically Captivating and traditionally prominent, Jaipur can’t wait to be explored and discovered with amazing people always in search for a dazzling and full of life experience.



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