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Bermuda’s Where Adventure And Comfort Come To Meet


Bermuda is one of the lesser explored wonders of the world. A gorgeous string of islands with as much to offer in terms of comfort and carefree relaxation as it offers in beautiful seas and sands. It’s utterly unique, a bond of American and English culture thrown in one of the most breath-taking environments in the world. It can be an unforgettable experience and a hidden treasure you’re never going to want to give up.



What to see

There aren’t many places you can say this about, but the beaches of Bermuda are some of the few that rival the beaches of the Philippines. Surrounded by some the gentlest displays of nature, Horseshoe Beach can feel like a little curve of hidden bliss if you visit it at the right times with a sea that can glitter pink thanks to the crushed coral in the waters. If you want a better look at those corals, then you’ll be glad to find there are plenty of services to acquaint you with the waters as Bermuda is one of the world’s hotspots for diving enthusiasts. If you’ve had enough of the coasts, there’s plenty to see under the islands, too, like the mesmerizing walkways, twists, and turns of the Crystal & Fantasy Caves.


What to do

Bermuda isn’t one of those islands that only has something pretty to offer and little else, either. There’s just as much to do when you’re done gorging yourself on nature. One of the quirkiest things about the tourist attractions in Bermuda is how wonderfully British they can be. Even in these wind-swept gorgeous islands, you’ll find some of the best golfing courses in the world. There’s a very British feel to the Gothic towers and English style pubs of Hamilton, too, which makes it an incredibly relaxing hub of a city, even when it is thriving with people. That’s not to say that the locale hasn’t made the locals a bit more adventurous than your average holiday to Britain. Great fusion foods, live music, and trips to the wilderness of Tom Moore’s Jungle will very much remind you you’re not in some sleepy seaside town in the South of England.

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Where to stay

One of the best things about Bermuda is that the British sensibilities bring with them all the best of British hospitality at its finest, as well. Hotels like the Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa offer oodles of hospitality to go with what can only be called a classy establishment. There are also lots of lovely beach houses to look at if you never want to stray far from the gorgeous views of the islands, though you would find that hard to do just about anywhere.

The beaches, the coral, the quaint English style towns, and a local population who loves a good time are just a few of the reasons to spend some time getting lost in Bermuda. When you get there, you’re going to find even more moments you’ll guard like your very own hidden treasure.


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