Snacking In Singapore: Delicious Foods To Try on Your Trip

A little over a century ago, Singapore was just a humble fishing village. Now it’s an incredible place to visits and tourists flock to it for its party scene, shopping opportunities, awesome eco-friendly buildings and green spaces and of course the food. Eastern Asian food such as Chinese, Thai and Malaysian has become incredibly popular in the west- and Singapore’s cuisine shares similarities. While it’s influenced by the cuisines of other cultures, the food in Singapore is viewed as crucial to national identity. When you’re on your trip, here are a few types of food you won’t want to miss!


Dim Sum

One of the dishes available in Singapore which you should aim to try is the Dim Sum. This isn’t one single dish. Instead, it’s a set of small dishes designed to be savored in a group. Popular dim sum dishes include the barbecue pork buns, xiao long bao, chee chong fun and many others. There are a number of dim sum stalls dotted all over Singapore, it’s also served in restaurants and cafes, so it’s easy to get your fix.



While ‘Singapore noodles’ might be the first dish that springs to mind when thinking of the country, they didn’t actually originate from there and aren’t popular. However as noodles are a staple food in many areas in eastern Asia, they’re well loved in Singapore- and there are a ton of incredible noodle places where you can sample authentic Singapore noodle dishes. From spicy laksa to Hokkien fried noodles and Bak chor mee (minced meat noodles), there isn’t just one type of noodle dish that can encapsulate the essence of Singapore. You could dine at Thai Boat Noodle, Wanton Seng’s Noodle Bar, Da Lian Noodle or one of the many other incredible establishments serving various noodle dishes.

Street Food

Singapore street food is considered to be some of the best in the world, modest food stalls have even been awarded Michelin stars. These are the first street vendors to be recognized by the prestigious food guide. It’s cheap and cheerful, so ideal if you’re on a budget but well worth trying even if you’re not. As nice as fancy restaurants are, these kinds of places will give you a true taste of authentic Singapore food.



Singaporeans love dessert, so this is definitely something to try while you’re on your trip. Gelato and desserts cafes are becoming increasingly popular in Singapore. There are French patisserie style establishments but with an Asian twist- Les Délices, for example, allows you to enjoy Chinese tea with your pastry! You could stop for cheesecake at the Cat & the Fiddle; here you’ll find a wide selection of gourmet cheesecakes, from traditional classics to Asian and local-inspired creations. You could even go with one of the country’s more unusual desserts such as salted egg yolk ice cream or frozen basil custard!


Foodies of the world certainly won’t be disappointed with a trip to Singapore. Tasting the fresh ingredients, enjoying the authentic cooking techniques and taking in the atmosphere of the country is far better than any Asian takeaway you could ever order at home!


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