5 Reasons To Visit Paris

If you haven’t been to Paris and still wondering why you haven’t visit the city of love or whether it’s your second time to visit Paris, there are plenty of reasons why you should include Paris in your European Trip.

Here are the five reasons to visit or keep visiting Paris that will surely surprise you in any time of the year.


Because Paris is a beautiful city to explore

Arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Paris never ran out of amazing things to do, hidden places to visit, and is one of the most visited countries to wander. Home of the most Iconic Landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre, Sacre Coeur are always on top of every traveler’s attraction to see. Paris never ceases to impress every visitors with its architecture, museums, Castles, Gardens, shopping centers, old and new sidewalk cafes that is made for sitting, chatting, reading and absolutely just enjoy people-watching.


Because the Food, Wine and Nightlife are top-Notch

They say don’t leave Paris without trying Baguette. This may be an understatement but, people visit Paris because they are more drawn into food culture. Paris is home for the most finest gastronomy, top quality pastries, wines, and even nightlife. Aside from the fact that Gourmet can be very expensive in the city, there are tons of restaurants and Bistros that one will enjoy without breaking the bank. Cheap food to indulge in are Croque Monsieur, Jambon Beurre, Duck Confit, Macarons, Croissants, Street-stand Crepes, Streak Frites, Pain Au Chocolat and the list could go on and on. Wine is one thing to be consider when visiting Paris, you can purchase a bottle of wine at a grocery and simply enjoy an classic Parisian Picnic at the Champs de Mars. Whether you are the life of a party or just simply checking out a Faire la fete (Party) trendy Parisian Style, Paris will definitely promise a great night out for you!


Because Day Trips from Paris are unbeatable

Best Day trips are from Paris and this includes an impressive visit to the Palace of Versailles and Monet’s garden at Giverny, step into the magical city of Normandy and make be mesmerize with beauty of Mont Saint-Michel, A Unesco Heritage site. A day break at the most beautiful chateaux in Loire Valley will absolutely charm you. Paris Disneyland is a great day tour from Paris not only for kids but for all the free-spirited wanting to have fun. A comfortable and most convenient day trip through T2 Traslados is where where magic begins!


Because Panoramic views are to die for

It is always a great way to see the city from above, and Paris is no secret for panoramic look outs. In fact, they are far more uncrowded and gives you a breathtaking vantage view of the city! From the Eiffel Tower, it will give you a scenic view of the metropolis, on top of Notre-Dame offers a fantastic view over west of the urban, Sacre Couer on top Montmarte Hill promises a magnificent view, The 56th floor of Tour Montparnasse and The Arc de Triomphe ensures a gorgeous day/night city view and even the roof top of the Famous Department store, Galeries Lafayette will exceed your expectations of the most landscape view of the city! Certainly, there a lot more of these view points in Paris to discover.


Because Shopping in Paris is always a Good idea

Bargain and show off your negotiation skills at St-Ouen Flea Market Paris. Shopping at Galeries Lafayette in the heart of the city and discover great Parisian styles and design. Paris is well known for Shopping of expensive brands however, if you know where and when to shop, you will absolutely come back for more. Just be aware of some the city secrets like The season sale, Montparnasse and Bellevile areas are some of the cheap wardrobe finds. The Marais is abundant with trendy boutiques and shops, and surprisingly bargains can be found at St-Germain des Pres too! Treat yourself like a local and head over to Rue du Commerce where Affordable Fashion, avant garde and trendy clothes can be found. Whatever you do, do not leave Paris without getting a souvenir at Montmarte! Parisis absolutely a haven for shopaholics!

We know that there are plenty of reasons to visit and to really enjoy Paris. The City is full of life, a vibrant city to explore with friends, family or even significant other! Ideally a place where you enjoy late date nights or even just a grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine taking pleasures of relaxing at a cafe and abandon the rush of traveling and to really feel Paris and appreciate its beautiful surroundings. After all Paris is meant to Marvel slow. Oh la la.

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