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The majestic Monastery on a Hill: Kek Lok Si Temple

Prolly one of the most popular tourist spots in Georgetown Penang is the infamous Kek Lok Si temple which stands grandly on a hill of Air Itam just near Asia Café resto where we had our breakfast. From afar I can tell that the view was really fantastic. We maneuvered onto the mount along with the excitement to see the pagoda uphill. The view was indeed spectacular and made me realized I didn’t put forth much effort to get on to the top of the hill since we went to Penang with a rented car. As I looked down, I imagined myself climbing the hill with sweats all over my body but that wasn’t the case, Penang was one of the most relaxing trips ever.  I gulped seeing how amazing the view of the Georgetown from the top that perfectly blends with the clear blue sky and cirrus clouds on a hot morning sun. Never did it cross my mind that I’ll be visiting a monastery on a hill like Kek Lok Si. If not with friends who planned to visit the place, I’ll never experience being on the top of the hill with such an incredible view.

Walk through the walls and get the best view of Georgetown

roof tiles for good luck

I noticed mostly tourist headed to the pagoda first unlike us we went straight to the big statue of Guan Yin. I looked up on how huge the lady of mercy statue was, the bronze-like statue looks stunning despite the under renovation cage around her. There were animal statues around to which I am not certain of their existence at the monastery perhaps must be part of the Chinese zodiac or something. The structures and the interiors of the monastery were really very impressive.

We drove down to the short zigzag path to reach the Pagoda to which we paid the entrance fee. There were souvenir stalls including wishing ribbons and candles. We removed our slippers before entering the temples as respect to the holy place.  There were windows in the temple which one can enjoy a bird-eye view of Georgetown. The panoramic view of the pagoda with the green-ish view of the mountains was soothing to the eyes and yes, the air is fresh.

Wishing ribbons for sale. 🙂

Must be the gods.

We explored every part of the temples and ended up drinking lots of water. I can say that the temple exploration was a bit tiring and fulfilling. We left the temple with a smile on our faces, it was a great visit and we thought of exploring more areas of Georgetown without thinking where to stay overnight. We believed that the universe will conspire in our Penang adventures.

How did we get to Kek Lok Si Temple?

From roundabout Air Itam we followed the Gps to the temple, the pagoda is visible enough from afar that one cannot lose the sight of it.

Alternatively, you can take Rapid Bus Routes U201, U204, U206 from Komtar Central to Kok Lek Si in Air Itam.

– There is an entrance fee of 2 ringgit to visit the Pagoda and another 2 ringgit charge for the inclined lift to the lady of mercy.
– Visit the temple at 9:00 in the morning to avoid the crowd

Essentials: water, camera, extra money for souvenirs



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