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Sparkling night lights at I-city Shah Alam

The inevitable to look for something extraordinary out of the mundane Saturday Night opted us to Digital Bright lights i-City Shah Alam. We drove off to hunt for something to eat like walkers lurking at night all equipped to target a victim. We traversed through I-City for forty-five minutes only to devour at KFC to which they serve large meals at a regular price, one good reason why I love living in Malaysia.

A leisurely walk at I-City with led trees was very impressive despite the park being packed with tourist as well as locals exploring the area. We walked sluggishly while exploring every area, as in literally slowwww – blame it to KFC’s large chicken for knocking us down that even two or three cigarettes won’t help.

There were few outdoor games like the ones we see in a perya. We preferably like the hit or miss shooting game where we get to shoot the tiny balloons with a pellet gun and stuff toys are prizes. Apparently, we only got one stuff toy. We should have imagined the balloons as bad guys attacking us but too late to realize it’s causing us too much penny for such an addiction. Aside from that, we played basketball games just like we had at worlds of fun timezone. We played feeling like an all-star basketball players. Seriously we thought of it as a tournament as if the winner will receive a gold medal but it was really fun after a stressful weekday at work.




The colorful bright lights on fake trees or animal statues may need more maintenance but who cares, we don’t see it as a dreadful exploration but fun lovin’ night. Some few rides are also available like a ferris wheel and merry go round. They also have snow walk which I think kids may enjoy. Though most of the games were for kids, it’s not bad to feel like a kid again even just for a night. The good thing about I-city is that there is no entrance fee and the only down part is an expensive parking fee. No wonder why the taxi refused to wait for us.

Despite the uncomfortable feeling of fullness in our stomach, we managed a jump shot with an epic failed result after numerous attempts.
Beat the bloat as we speak. I could stare all night to those unique artistic Led lights and skip months to sense Christmas. No, I don’t need to wait for Christmas to see sparkling lights like this. At I city the neon led lights will certainly light up one’s life year round.




What to expect?

– There is no entrance fee at the City of Digital Lights; it opens from 7:00 PM onwards
– Snowalk opens from 10:00 AM – 1:00 AM Monday – Thursday and Sunday, it extends to 2:00 AM during Fridays and Saturdays.
– Parking fee is RM10
– Snowalk Charge 25/adult, 20/child before 6:00 PM, additional of RM10 charges after 6:00 PM
– Most of the rides and games are for kids
– Public toilets not really maintained but looks okay
– For photo enthusiasts, more photo opportunities awaits you at I city
– For gastronomy experience, one can choose from Indian – Malaysian or even Arabic cuisine but not much restaurants or food stalls around the area. You can try old town white coffee.
– To avoid the crowd, I suggest visiting during weekdays
– If you’re not a fan of rides esp for kids and if you’re not a photo enthusiast then the place is not for you since there is nothing really to do there much except watching the led lights.



How did we get to I-city?

– Since there is no public transport from Cyberjaya to Shah Alam, we hired a taxi to I City. The fare was 40RM one way. Travel time approximately 45 mins. Alternatively, if you’re coming from KL, take the KTM to Padang Jawa station, then catch a taxi to I-City.

i-City Shah Alam
Jalan Multimedia 7/A,
City Park, i-City, 40000
Shah Alam, Selangor
Tel: +603 5521 8800

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