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Calaguas Island: Hidden Paradise

Bicol is one of the places I find irresistible to explore. There are a lot of hidden islands in the region and one of them is Calaguas. I visited Calaguas last April 2011 and I fell in love with the clear blue water and sand as good as Boracay. I was able to go there without itinerary. It was a “come what may” jiffy. I checked Travel Factor if I can join their team however they don’t have a schedule for my desired trip. I already have tickets to Legazpi and I might as well use it to go to Calaguas. I asked Mariano if I can just meet them in Naga but our schedule did not match. I called Melvic’s tour Packages and a lot of travel agencies that offer budget travel to Calaguas but none of them have Sunday tour. Most travel agencies don’t have a tour to Calaguas on a Sunday and my only spare time is Sunday! They usually depart from Manila to Daet by bus on Fri then go back to Manila on a Sunday! Too bad! I have no choice but to generate a DIY trip.

Calaguas Island, Cam Norte

Angel notified me the fastest way to go to the Island, what to bring and what to expect. There was only one problem, we are only traveling by two and the boat will be expensive for sure. I checked Claire’s Website and I saw this Pakyaw promo for Bagasbas Surfing Festival. Too bad, it was SOLD out. I was already in Legazpi and still don’t know what to do. Claire advised me to pursue visiting Bagasbas and might as well check if they have a Sunday trip to Calaguas. It was the most excellent recommendation ever! I searched google and found out that the provincial Tourism of Daet has a Bagasbas + Calaguas Promo in connection to the Bagasbas Surf Festival. I was lucky to get in touch with the tourism of daet’s contact person Kuya Amable to schedule me with the Calaguas tour. We took the van from Legaspi to Naga for 2 hours then from Naga to daet another 2 hours, from Daet we took the tricycle to Bagasbas and voila, we’re in Bagasbas, the tourism information desk is closed already. I freaked out because Kuya Amable’s number was unable to reach. Good thing someone from the tourism of Daet named Paul approached and welcomed us. He told us that the registration for surfing will resume the next day. Per Paul, Kuya Amable is currently at Calaguas and the signal is unstable probably the reason why he didn’t responded to my messages. Luckily, they have a promo package of 1000/pax inclusive of van transfers from Bagasbas to Vinzons port, Boat rental, food and tent. We will be joining with 10 people who avail the package as well. Kuya Paul even escorted us to find a place to stay in Bagasbas since we’ll be staying for one night.Most of the resorts were fully booked but we were still lucky to get one. It was a new resort, clean and very accommodating staff. The name of the resort is Bagasbas white Wave.

Bagasbas Surf Festival

We agreed to meet at 7:00 AM the next day. We were able to witness the surfing festival and wall climbing competition. Since it was the Barangay’s Fiesta, there were loads of food choices. Lutong Bicol, street foods and the like. There were also some local bands, beers and more. I received a text from Kuya Paul that no one in the group wants to stay overnight in Calaguas. We were a little depressed because we wanted to stay overnight. We even brought a tent courtesy of my friend Taboy. We agreed with the day tour. I was being positive plus at least in wasn’t cancelled.

The next day, we took the Van from Bagasbas Beach to Vinzons about half an hour then a two hour boat ride from Vinzon’s port to Calaguas. It was a time-consuming trip but I was definitely WORTH it plus it wasn’t a dull trip at all. Our group was very cool and there was this one guy (Vener) who made us all laugh throughout the tour. Our group consists of a family of 5 and their two family friends, two best friends, the ilonggo surfer/solo backpacker and us.

Vinzons Port

When we were about to dock, the beauty of Calaguas occupied our eyes. It was exquisite! The Island that I’ve been eyeing for so long never failed me. The scenic view was amazing. When we finally made it to the shore, we were greeted by Kuya Amable, He was glad that I made it there. He knew how eager I was to see Calaguas!

Horay!! Calaguas! 🙂

Lovin’ Calaguas!!

Meeting new people was FUN-tastic!

Tents were provided but we still used our tent. I was pleased that Vener and the company decided to spend overnight in the beach. Everything turned out to be so perfectly fine. What was perfect in our Sunday tour? We were all alone in the beach! I enjoyed swimming in the turquoise water of Calaguas, I even got sunburned, I was too busy enjoying the place that I forgot about getting sunburn! Lol. The food that the tourism of Daet provided was really delicious compare to the package I had with Caramoan last 2009. I always prefer DIY trips and I am never a fan of Tour Packages but the Calaguas trip was the only tour package I will never regret! Meeting new cool people was fun too. I realized that Ate Lory is the owner of the Bagasbas White wave, the resort which we stayed overnight at Bagasbas and Ate Rose is the owner of Bagasbas Surfer’s dine in. They invited us to visit Apuao Grande Island and stay at their place on a discounted price. I am actually looking forward to visit the place someday. I know they are just one text or call away. Calaguas was amazing, It was the only place I ever been where the sunset and the moon meets at dusk. It was a peaceful and a beautiful Island.

Fall in love with the Sunset in Calaguas 😛

Sleeping. Is more fun in the Philippines.

With Amazing People. 🙂

Sunbathing. More fun in the Philippines

I love Calaguas as much I as I Love Banol. The magnificent beach of Calaguas will always remain in my heart. I hope it will not get crowded or polluted and I wish the serenity of the place will remain forever.

Enjoy Calaguas clean and clear water. 🙂

We love Calaguas! 🙂

I fell in love in Calaguas. There is something about Calaguas that makes me want to go back. I certainly want to go back anytime this year. *Cross Fingers*

How to get there?

By Plane:
There is no plane directly to Daet. You may book a ticket via Zest air, AirPhil, PAL or Cebupacific to Naga. From Naga take a van to Daet, approximately 2 hour drive then either ride a jeep to Vinzons or Paracale.

By Land: Manila – Daet and Vice Versa
Philtranco +63 2 8518078

Amihan Bus Lines +63 2 8543735

Superlines Bus @ +63 2 4143321

For tour Packages:

Daet’s Provincial Tourism
Contact Person: AMABLE +639304938054 .

Best Calaguas Tour  || Calaguas Hullabaloo

Travel Factor @

Melvic +639065144444

Mariano’s Calaguas Packages +639272706516


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