Luzon Palawan

An epic adventure to Calauit Safari Park, Palawan

Calauit Safari Park is dubbed as the little African Safari in the Philippines. I’ve been to Busuanga a couple of times and to experience a piece of Africa was awesome. Every aspect of the tour in Calauit was entertaining! I always have high expectations to Busuanga and it constantly exceeded. This was my first Safari adventure and so far the most remarkable wilderness experience. It was indeed a trip to remember.

Into the Wild

Caluit Safari Park

Caluit Sanctuary

The Truck

Our Lunch!

We rented a car going to the Safari instead of getting there by boat. It was fun and not really bumpy. There were interesting landscapes along the way and we parked the car whenever we want to. To explore the Caluit’s wildlife sanctuary was indeed overwhelming. Different kinds of animals can be seen such as deer, giraffes, birds bear cats etc. My favorite is Athena – the Giraffe! She’s so lovely and very cooperative in feeding. The animals were roaming freely. I’ve seen only a few. There were no lions or tigers. I was expecting one but it was okay I had so much fun feeding Athena though. We bought our food there for our lunch. The fish, red egg and rice were served in banana leaf. I love red eggs! It was cool to see some animals roaming around while we were eating in the Kubo. The guy informed us that charge for locals are PHP250 and foreigners are PHP350. I was blonde and wearing shades that time and they thought I was some sort of a foreigner and I need to pay the entrance fee for foreigners. My friend Rhyan said “eh kung bisayain ka kaya nyan kuya?” We all laugh.

on the road. 🙂

Stop Over. Coke and Cigars

King of the road?! Lol

lol. Tamad na Tamad lng eh. haha

Eat… :))

Feed the Giraffe! 🙂

Essentials: Sunblock, Hat, Slippers, Camera, Binoculars and extra money for souvenirs.

– Wake up early. The journey to Caluit Safari is long.
– Don’t expect too much, the animals are not that many. According to our tour guide, there are times you won’t see a lot of animals.
– Visit between 6:00 am – 10:00 to see more animals before they wander and hide to the forest
– Visit the Safari during summer or northeast monsoon

Calauit Safari

time to leave..

Back to Seadive Resort to eat, drink and sleep. :]

Nothing is more incredible but getting up close to Zebras! The long travel is worth it. My Caluit Safari experience cannot be replaced by money. It was AMAZING! Run wild and don’t miss the wonderful experience the tropical safari can offer

How to get there?
From Coron town proper, Caluit can be reach via 4-hour boat ride or 3-hour road trip plus a 15-minute boat transfers.

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  • apol

    miga wala di elephant? hahahaha. Ka sexy bala sang zebra ahay ah. Ma gow man ko di bala hahaha.

    • Riz

      miga! kasadya ah. daw wala q bala ka kita elephant mo. 🙁 go kamu ni hubby mo pra wild! hahah

  • reyfi

    the hair rocks!!! wahahaha.

    • Riz

      wahahaha!! no more blonde hair for me! haha

  • viajeroonboard

    How did you arrange a trip to calauit? I wanted to go there when I went to coron but couldn’t find a cheap way to get to calauit plus they wanted a group pa to be able to arrange a trip but we were only 3 so we just stayed in coron. 🙁

    • Riz

      Hi! We rented a car for only PHP2000 and drove to Calauit. I lost my phone and the contact number were saved there but you can go to the Store(forgot the name of the store though) near Sago where we rented the car. Ask around motorcycles can be rented also to explore Coron town. Would like to go back to Coron! 🙁

  • astig lang! wanna visit this din

  • amahiwagangbuhay

    hmmm any chance miss i can ask where you stayed a? i will go to coron on my own sometime nov. my big problem is how to arrive here ? hmm help need a groupt o join to

    • Riz

      Hi! We stayed at seadive resort. They also offer tour to calauit by boat though. Check out

      Have fun! 🙂

  • Jell Magno

    Hi, how much was your total cost going to Calauit Safari?