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Crafted Coffee: Mods Cafe, Melaka

Melaka is one of the places I don’t like to go back I mean I know it’s a Unesco Heritage Site and well what else? Some area looks very Intramuros to me. Not that I don’t like Intramuros (I love it) or I don’t like Melaka (I’m lovin’ it now) however  it was  a ‘once is enough’ place to me.Mods Cafe

Mods Cafe

Mods Cafe

Well guess what? I’ve been to Melaka like few times. The scenario is always like this:

Friend(s):  Hey you know where Melaka is?

Me: Yeah, why?  

Friend(s): Let’s go there!

Me: I don’t want to go ba… 

I’ve been dragged before I could even complete my sentence and surprisingly it turns out Melaka is not just some tourist trap. Every time I visit Melaka there is always something new like Baboon House, Calanthe Art Cafe, Daily Fix, Padang Pasir in Klebang and a lot more!

In fact, I keep coming back. Yes even solo. There are days when I just ride a bus and go to Melaka on a weekend break. Funny how I used to hate it when friends asked me to go with them to Melaka. Robbie, if you’re reading this note that our Melaka trip was awesome, you know that! (Favouritism?)  In fact, it was when I travelled with Robbie that I appreciate Melaka.

Now the scenario has changed.

Me. Have you been to Melaka?

Friend(s): Not yet

Me: Let’s go there!

Friend(s): We don’t want to commute, we don’t have car! (hong aarte!)

Me: huwaw, nahiya naman ako sa kaartehan nyo inde aco na inform! xa xa xa gorilla (I’ll find one!)

So last weekend, I convinced my friends to visit Melaka, all for Padang Pasir, Mod’s Cafe and of course back to Calanthe.

Mods Cafe Mods Cafe Processed with VSCOcam with m6 preset

If you’ve been to Melaka, in the alley (Jalan Tokong) of Chinese Temples there’s a crafted coffee shop which has been overlooked by many. I’ve been in that street a couple of times and I swear I never seen it there before. Was I blind or was I too focused with the Chinese Temples that  I didn’t even notice the coolest Coffee Shop in town is hidden somewhere in the alley. They call it Mods Cafe.

The Coffee Shop is impressive with its 1978 Kombi Van Coffee Bar which reminds me of the Carfe Barn in Bangkok. I love the retro style of the coffee shop, it seems as if it was constructed for the Instagram era. I’m not a beer can collector but I was really amazed with the empty cans displayed on the wall, some iconic some obscure which came from different countries of the world. I love the concept of old skool tv, stereo, bikes and clocks making the entire place a vintage spot.

Mods Cafe

Mods Cafe

Mods Cafe

I’m in love with the place no doubt about it but how about their coffee? I had affogato, I must say they nailed it! Their mocha and macchiato espresso is above average. I don’t like the tiramisu that much. The Blueberry cheesecake is average but the Creme Brûlée is superb. We even ordered another one.

The service? They’re so slow to serve the Creme Brûlée perhaps because it’s handmade and the taste is really good. My first impression to their staffs are coffee snob. Whenever I’m in a coffee shop, I always make conversation to Baristas. I asked one of their Baristas regarding the coffee roast but she just shrugged and continue to clean the coffee grounds.  After a while, I went back to her and asked her if she can take a photo of us in the table, she shrugged again and uttered, later I’ll go there and she went back to cleaning the coffee grounds.

Mods Cafe

Mods Cafe


There isn’t much chairs inside the shop, I was enjoying my creme brûlée when the barista came to our table and said that she’s ready to help us take a photo. We thanked her. I came to her again and asked her some few questions regarding coffee beans, coffee shots and whatnot and she seemed nice. She was curious about me so i just told her I was an ex barista and I find their coffee bar really amazing.

And because we are the loudest inside the coffee shop, they get along with us. They’re not coffee snobs after all, I guess they’re infected with our happy outlook. You know if Filipinos gathered it’s just so crazy.

Mods Cafe Mods Cafe Mods Cafe


Mods Cafe

It’s such an interesting find in Mallaca! We will definitely go back! Jasper of Pinoy Voyager says, he appreciate Melaka because of our new discoveries that weekend.

And oh, If you’re looking for a wifi, they don’t have it. I recommend the place for their excellent coffee and yes creme brûlée. Definitely a gem hidden in Melaka.

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