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Llandudno Beach could be your next favorite unspoiled beach in Cape Town

llandudno beach

Llandudno Beach is a hidden gem between Camps Bay and Hout Bay surrounded by striking hills and huge granite boulders. Cape Town has so many wonderful beaches like Camps Bay, Clifton Beach, Boulders Beach, Muizenberg Beach and the lists could go on and on, however, it is such a challenge to find a secluded, unspoiled beach as most of these beaches is really crowded. Llandudno beach is such a great find on our way to Chapman’s Peak Drive, a small concealed coast in the suburb of Cape Town. It was such an ideal place for relaxing! Llandudno’s gorgeous beach with waves hitting the huge rocks is absolutely striking! It was purely serene. Surprisingly, the water is freezing in summer. I mean, I live in a tropical country and I didn’t expect summer to have a really cold sea. Naivety!

llandudno beach

llandudno beach cape peninsula South africa

llandudno beach cape town

llandudno cape town

llandudno beach cape town SA

They say that Llandudno is one of the richest suburbs in South Africa with properties sets on top of the hill that offers a great panoramic view of the sea.  It is also a great spot for surfing, sunbathing, BBQ picnic, and a starting point to walk or rather climb over huge rocks to Sandy Bay, a nudist beach in Cape Town where you can get tan and naked. Don’t get me wrong, swimming in Llandudno can be very tricky as the water is pretty cold and rough with waves hitting the rocks. Llandudno is now my new favorite beach in Cape Town. The noiseless aura with nothing but the waves crashing and away from the maddening crowd makes me romanticized solitude so much.

llandudno beach cape peninsula

llandudno beach Cape Town suburb


llandudno beach africa

llandudno beach cape peninsula SA

Llandudno captures my heart in an instant than any other beach in Cape Town.


  • Getting to Llandudno is pretty easy, but Parking is a struggle. I suggest you drive early to get the spot!
  • If parking is a hassle for you and you prefer commuting. Alternatively, you may get to Llandudno thru My Citi Bus.
  • There is no Atm, Hawkers, Bars, Shops, Restaurants, Café on the beach. Head over to Camps Bay or Clifton if this is your thing
  • Few people sell refreshing drinks and ice cream too
  • Ever been to a naked beach? Head over to Sandy Bay during low tide –  the unofficial nude beach in Cape Town!
  • Always be mindful of your things and be aware of your surroundings and yourself as well at Sandy Beach as there are some incidents being reported on the deserted beach. It is advisable to come in a group.
  • The water is very cold, you may opt to swim in the pool in one of Llandudno’s villa with overlooking view of the ocean.
  • It can get really really windy! Cold Air breeze!
  • Beach umbrellas and deck loungers are available for rent.
  • Beach is well maintained and there are Life Guards on the beach, too!
  • Surf’s up! The waves are crazy here. If you love surfing, this is the best place for you!
  • For non-surfers, this is an incredible spot to watch the surfers and the drubbing waves from any viewpoints
  • Make every moment count in Llandudno Beach. I am pretty sure you will love it and who knows it could be your next favorite beach in Cape Town too!

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