Husky Sledding with Adventoura Slovakia and leading like a real musher with the champs

Husky sledding Slovakia

Chilly winds, freezing -17c temperature, viscous snow, and frozen fingers that will make you rush home to curl under your blankets, but not when you’re riding on a sled pulled by powerful huskies.

I can still recall the brisk wind that fills my face while being hauled by dogs in the middle of a frozen paradise in the High Tatras of Slovakia.

It was astonishing! The most magical ride I’ve ever been on.

Gerlachov slovakia

Gerlachov winter snow

Just right on time, we met Erik of Adventoura Slovakia at Polianska and he drove us to Gerlachov to get up close with the pack and their musher, Maros. They provided essential details about the dogs, and the entire husky sledding adventure that would take about 2 hours.

Assisting Maros and Erik by binding the dogs to the sled. The dogs were howling and the barks were getting louder, it was like they’re getting annoyed to get going!

We were as excited as them and get right on their snow game. We sat on the sled and the next thing we know we were like on a speedy ride to frozen wilderness! I got froze in my eyes, and even so, the cold didn’t bother me anymore. The dogs were insanely in bliss mode and the soaring stir utopia is an understatement.

That was one hell of a real snow tale! Exactly as what I’ve imagined!

Dog Sledding Gerlachov Slovakia

Husky Sledding Gerlachov Slovakia

Dog Sledding high tatras slovakia


What I love most about the sled tour is that you just don’t sit and ride on a sled, but to be able to experience being a musher. I don’t know that word until that day! Naivety. Maros taught me how to lead the pack like a real musher. I couldn’t believe it, the dogs were really cooperating as I maneuvered them to the snowy wonderful spot of Gerlachov. What cold? I was having so much fun!

Maros Musher Dog sledding

Dog sledding high tatras gerlachov

I led them twice; Maros and Henry were my riders. As I sled through the badlands with Henry, I was scared that I might fall off the snow because ya know Maros is no longer with me to tell me exactly how to drive the sled. I was about to lose confidence, but then Henry was like, omg girl you’re so good at this and I was like hell yeah! The dogs didn’t fail me, they’re run so fast and they’ll go slow when being told, too! Maros, indeed trained them well! Later that day, I found that they were European Champions from last year and won the world cup in Sweden just last week!

How remarkable it was to ride with them let alone mushing the masters of Slovakia!

Husky sledding slovakia tatras

dog sled champion dogs

Adventoura Slovakia team evidently love what they do, adored and cared the huskies. On top of that, I was inspired by Erik’s passion for travelling, living in different parts of the globe and building such an empire of tours in Slovakia. They’ve been operating for 10 years providing adventure tours like hiking, trekking, skiing, caving, snowshoeing, paragliding, historical tours and some winter activities. The brown bear watching is what I am looking forward on my next trip to Slovakia if time permits.

Slovakia stole my heart, I fell in love with the huskies and this was definitely the highlight of my European winter trip.


Let me leave you with some information and helpful tips for Husky Sledding by Adventoura Slovakia

  • The Private tour starts from 90 Euro / person with a program that teaches guests how to dress dogs, run the sled, and get a chance to be a musher.
  • The Dogs are between 2 and 8 years old but they don’t let the younger dogs join the tour primarily because their muscles are still young.
  • The leaders were Creek and Elf and they understand Ho (left) and Je (right) and they can only recognize and listen to their mushers.
  • In the summer, the dogs need to rest and do nothing but just run in the garden while being fed and be fit so they can have energy for the snow show.
  • The dogs love to run on high temperatures, but not when it’s +4 and higher ‘cause they get overheated.
  • The dogs prefer chill temperature so you may try Husky Sledding on extreme cold temperature. Slovak winter is the coldest at the end of January till end of February.
  • The busiest time is December most likely because its Christmas holiday so you better plan ahead and take the tour during the 2nd half of January and 1st half of February for quiet time, less people, best time and best snow condition.
  • Wear winter clothing to keep you warm and gloves are an absolute must especially if you’d like to get your hands at mushing.
  • A must try during winter trip! You will surely have fun! and oh, you are in good hands because you will be riding and mushing with the champions!


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Phone: +421 903 641 549
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