Cafe Ame Soeur: A Portal to a Romantic French Cafe @ Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur

Cafe Ame Soeur French Cafe Bukit Jalil Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Cafe Ame Soeur is a classy, exquisite, and elegant French-inspired Cafe in Bukit Jalil. I read so many bad reviews about the cafe, but that did not stop me from visiting the cafe.

The Cafe Ame Soeur literally means “soul mate” and although space is small, the cafe ambiance exudes extravagance and sophistication. The European vibe is so alluring like bridging the Gap between KL and Paris. The facade of the cafe looks like it came straight from those cafes in Montmartre minus the chock-a-block alfresco bistro style and still pretty instagrammable! Looking at the foyer it made me feel the spirit of Christmas with its lovely Christmas decorations. The ceiling and the interior design reminded me of the Palace of Versailles. The environment is well decorated, from the charming chandelier, white and gold fancy walls, vintage chairs and mirrors, opulent teacups, gold utensils, artsy paintings on the wall, classic curtains, to lavish Gourmet Belgium Royal Coffee is just too glamorous!

Cafe Ame Soeur KL

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil KL

Bukit Jalil Cafe ame soeur kuala lumpur lovely french cafe

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil KL MY

Cafe Ame Soeur KL Cashier

Cafe Ame Soeur in KL

I had Marinara Bay Seafood Pasta and Gourmet Royal Belgium Coffee, Linh, on the other hand, ordered Lamb Shoulder with wild mushroom Risotto and a cinnamon tea served in a very stylish teapot. It was late lunch and we were in dire need of a great meal. We selected all the chef recommended food and beverage on the Menu. The food was served fast and the serving was quite big so we pretty much shared our food together. Linh liked the Marinara Bay and although the pasta is oozing with seafood flavor I did not like it that much, I prefer the Lamb Shoulder as it goes along well with the risotto. Linh was hooked with the Cinnamon tea and hated the Gourmet Royal Belgium as much as I loved it.

Cafe Ame Soeur Belgium Royal Coffee Malaysia

Cafe Ame Soeur Lamb Shoulder Risotto

Cafe Ame Soeur cinnamon tea

Cafe Ame Soeur marinara bay seafood pasta

Cafe Ame Soeur gourmet belgium royal coffee

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil brunch

The luscious cakes and desserts were so tempting we couldn’t help but devour into their version of Mixed Berries Waffle. Oh gosh, it was freaking delicious I would love to go back to dig into one of those!

Cafe Ame Soeur French Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Cafe Ame Soeur French Cafe Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The food was presented well and the price is quite expensive for a Malaysian standard, but Cafe Ame Soeur has its own charm to transform our cafe dining experience into a beautiful European style setting. Linh recently got promoted at work and we celebrated her victory at Cafe Ame Soeur. It was an ideal place for celebration, friends and family gathering or even just for trying out a new cafe in town over a mundane weekend and turn it into an extraordinary one.

Cafe Ame Soeur mixed berries waffle

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil KL MY chandelier

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil Malaysia

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil French Cafe

cafe ame soeur Bukit Jalil Belgium royal coffee

Cafe Ame Soeur Bukit Jalil Selangor


  • Space is small so don’t expect the cafe to be so huge. Reservation is optional.
  • The Royal Belgium Coffee can fill up two cups. Try this Coffee if you’re okay with Kopi-O
  • Marinara Bay, Although a Chef Recommendation is not good
  • Must Try Lamb Shoulder Risotto! Hands Down!
  • During my visit, the service was great, they were very attentive. In fact, I was waiting for something to worse to happen because of what I read online, but to be honest, it was okay!
  • WIFI is free but not that fast
  • This is pretty far from KL, about 16KM from Bukit Bintang. We took Grab and it costs us 19 RM. You can take LRT to Bukit Jalil Station and book an uber/grab.
  • Must Try Mixed Berries Waffle! This dessert is to die for!
  • Cafe Ame Soeur is also good for afternoon tea and morning coffee
  • If you are looking for brunch, some foods are great, some are not. So it may really depend on your palate liking! My friend and I have different taste so this is definitely not a one size fits all
  • If you are just for photo ops, then this place is for you. Every corner is Instagram worthy!
  • Lastly, Enjoy! Have a sumptuous meal, have a mesmerizing moment with your friends, your family, or simply just adore the wonderful ambiance that is right in front of you. Just because someone reviews it bad, doesn’t mean its bad! Come see for yourself!


Cafe Ame Soeur Kuala Lumpur

PS: I really wanted to go back for a Rose Latte and Croque Madame! If you have tried any of these please share your critics with me.

Have you been to Cafe Ame Soeur In Bukit Jalil? How was your cafe experience?

Bon Appetit Mes Amis!

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