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Your Ultimate Guide to Malalison Island – The Batanes of Visayas!

malalison island travel guide

Malalison also known as Mararison for locals is a small island beach destination in Culasi, Antique. It is an exquisite island with a breathtaking rolling hills. The island invokes dreams of a tropical paradise. If you want to have a peaceful and laid back vacation, Malalison is the choice. Imagine yourself living in a place where there is no electricity during daylight, intermittent phone signals, with only the sound of the ocean waves and the noise of the strong winds. Malalison is an ideal place to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city. There is no night life in the island. The locals of the island offer a homestay if you want to spend a night in this Majestic Island.

malalison island hill

mararison island tour

malalison beach

malalison island viewpoint


Things to do in Malalison Island

You can do various activities in the Island. Swimming is definitely on top of everyone’s list to fully enjoy the crystal clear blue water of Malalison Island. The island has a long stretch sandbar perfect for swimming, picture taking and sun bathing (to those who want to get tanned). The white sandbar changes its shapes depending on the tides. It’s absolutely best during low tide!

Teeming with marine life, water activities like snorkeling is a sure way to enjoy it. If you are a nature lover, you will stunningly appreciate the alluring corals and the incredible underwater ecosystem.

Mountaineers and adventurers will surely love trekking in Malalison. Its picturesque lookouts is one of the reasons why this is a must excursion. Trekking is the main highlights of the tour with such a 360 scenic views.  It only takes 1 hour to reach the top, but for me who is new puts a lot of effort just to conquer the highest part of the hill. If you’re lucky, you will spot a pitcher plant on your way up. The road uphill is very steep, so you better prepare your legs for the uphill battle. No matter how sheer the road could be, when you’re almost on top and keeping up with the endurance, you will be rewarded with a ravishingly phenomenal beauty of Malalison Island. People often referred Malalison as “The Batanes of the Visayas”

mararison island

trekking malalison



Where to deal your hunger?

Unfortunately the island has no fancy restaurants. You can bring your own food from the mainland to Malalison Island. Although there are some houses that has a mini “karinderya” that serves certain foods, you can also buy a fresh catch and request your host to cook it for you with a price range from 70-100 pesos per menu. A small amount to help the locals.


Where to Stay in Malalison Island?

The islands have many homestay. There’s a well-trained local community for Homestay Service. The rates starts from 250/person to 350 per person. The rates are uniform but don’t expect a high maintenance accommodation. No toiletries and towels provided. You must bring all the necessary things needed if you have plans to stay overnight.  We opted for a day tour since we have other plans. We only stayed there for 3-4 hours.


Things to remember

  • Bring Cash! There are no ATM machines available on the island.
  • There are no fancy restaurants in Malalison, Bring your own food.
  • Sunscreen to protect your skin from Sun exposure and to avoid sun burn. Better to bring the highest SPF if possible
  • Of course everyone will not forget this important thing when going to the beach or on a sun exposed trip. The SUNSCREEN! (To protect our skin from over exposure to the sun and to avoid sun burn. Better to bring highest SPF if possible
  • Next important thing is the POWERBANK. Since the island has no power supply or electricity during day time. They only had their power supply from 6pm until 10pm only.
  • Bring essential Toiletries

Rates may change without notice

Iloilo to culasi 200 Php
Caticlan to culasi 100 Php
Kalibo to culasi 120 Php
Environmental fee 30 Php
Parking fee 50 Php
Cooking fee 75 – 100 Php  / Menu
Cottages 300 Php and up depending on the size of the cottage
Tour guide 250 Php (for 4 person) ||  Tip is a must to help the locals. Some of them are students.

You are not allowed to go on a trek without a guide

Boat ride 750 Php (for 5 person, Two way) additional 150 per person


How to go to Malalison Island?

  • Take a Bus- from Iloilo to Culasi antique travel time is approximately 5-6 hours depending on the traffic and stop over. Distance from Iloilo to Culasi is 189kms.
  • On our part we drove it for 4 hours only, we depart from Iloilo city at 3am and arrived at Culasi port at 7:30am. We then proceed to their Tourism Office for registration and they assist/provide us which boat are we going to take.

Malalison is truly magnificent! If you haven’t been to this charming island, make Malalison Island a part of your 2018 travel bucket list! It’s a non-commercialized island, cheaper than any other destinations, and you won’t feel being ripped off because you pay directly to the locals. In fact, you are able to help them instead. Visit the Malalison Island and make a difference!


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malalison island travel guide


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